Coron, Palawan Trip Primer

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hey guys! I know I owe you a post or two (or maybe three) about my trip to Coron, Palawan together with my best friends and I am sorry but I haven't gotten around doing it because I've been busy with work and all, and writing a well-organized travel blog can take a chunk of your time. But I promise you that I will find a time to tell you about our amazing trip.

Meanwhile, here's a video I made from all of the clips I've taken during our trip. I am so sorry for the quality though. This is my first time to try doing a video and I decided to try it this time because sometimes pictures just can't capture the real beauty of a place and taking a video is the closest thing of taking you there, if you know what I mean. This is my first video about anything actually. It is far from perfect but you know what, I enjoyed watching it and I decided I'm going to do more of this on my future posts, travel related or not. I only used my Samsung S7 Edge phone. I am such a videography newbie that I shot most of the videos in an upright angle and not landscape. I know, I know. Lesson learned. I'll do better next time, I promise.

Now I also want to tell you about how I'm happy about the phone's performance. It got splashed on with sea water loads of times during the trip and it is still doing A-okay! It has become our official camera during the trip aside from my best friend, Camille's Xiaomi Yi Camera. We love the quality and the fast shutter speed. We even got great jump shots which you have to watch out for in my actual Coron blog. 

But for now, I hope you enjoy this video! 


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