Change Has Come--An All New Thorned Rose!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Change is finally here. I'm one of those people who takes a while to adjust to change but in this case, I know change is for the good. 

Welcome to the revamped Thorned Rose!

I am now warm and cozy in my new "home" that is Oh how excited I was when the site finally went live with its new domain name. But let me tell you, this blog has been through such a journey. I've been blogging on and off for years since I was in college and I've finally made a commitment to write more by updating the look of my blog. 

Hindi naman ako celebrity para mag-blog launch diba? But I just want to share with you how I pulled this off all by myself anyway. Well, not entirely by myself. Let me thank my former officemate, Angeline Aragon for my new logo. Yayyy! Do you love it? More on the logo below.

First, I started looking for blog template to complete this blog's new look. Being a cheapskate that I am, I decided to take the risk and do it all by my lonesome. I mean, it is your choice if you choose to hire someone else to do it for you if you don't have time and you're not familiar with HTML coding and all that amazing (not) stuff. But then I realized I can't do this alone so I asked Ange if she can help me. Ange added the menu and the tabs which I'm thankful for as well because I really can't figure that out. She's an I.T. graduate, BTW. If you're interested to ask for her services, she really knows her stuff. To make the long story short, we had to collaborate and think about the suitable color combos, fonts, font colors and more! Good thing Ange is very easy to work with. 

Next, I took a chance in buying my own domain name from Buying a custom domain is like buying a home for your blog on the internet. You get to have your own address. I was nervous at first but I followed their tutorial carefully and it was very easy. My new site name is active in just a few hours. The whole process  has taught me tons of things about coding and other I.T. jargons such as DNS propagation and web hosting--but there's a whole lot more. My nose bled. Aside from converting the old to the new custom blog name, I also had to generate some useful widgets and incorporate them to my blog such as the Facebook like page on the right hand side of the screen.

Last but definitely not the least, there's the subject of the logo. It is essential because it is what you will remind people of and what they first see when they enter your site. I don't have enough patience to learn photoshop so I'm very fortunate enough to have Ange working with me in this project (naks!) because I also know from work that she can also do graphic arts and she was also generous enough to do the logo for me. So you see, I owe this girl SO much. (Thanks again, Ange!)

I'm also sharing with you the logos that we bounced back and forth through email so you can have an idea of how the logo ideas and eventually the current logo came to be.

She first sent me this logo of a rose that resembles a sigil ala Game of Thrones. I wanted it in a different font and a different color. I think I would have loved the final result because I think this logo is so cool and the it could have been promising but in the end, I know it doesn't fit my personality. Also, I don't think I am cool enough to pull this logo off. Heehee.

I sent Ange samples of logos that I envisioned for my logo. I know I wanted a water colored feel, to which she replied, "Girly girly din pala gusto mo eh!" that got me laughing out loud. Haha! Because indeed, beneath my aloof and sometimes cold exterior, I am still a girly-girl inside. Next she sent me this logo:

This also looks soooo good! It's exactly what I wanted. I had her change the font and remove the smaller flowers at the back. Maybe it's because of the mood or whatever but I don't know, but I still feel that this logo is not me. So I asked her to do it in red and black colors only. And that's how we came up with the final logo that is now up as a banner today. Who knows, maybe I can change it back to this logo when I'm in my more "colorful" self. 

For now, red and black it is. Maybe because I'm a perfect mix of colors and darkness? Okay, I'll just acknowledge that this girly-girl has a little bit of darkness inside of her. Perfectly imperfect. 

I have learned so much throughout the process of updating the look of my blog. In fact, it has been fun. Looking for the right codes and painstakingly editing the layout's HTML codes are hard but as soon as you hit save and you see your blog with the right colors, fonts and widgets, you get a tiny rewarding feeling and a little bit of happiness inside you. It's an experience I'm glad I didn't have to pay for. But again, I am not discouraging you from hiring other people to pimp the look of your sites. It's just that the main reason why I created this blog is not for profit (although hey, paid posts are welcome as well, haha), but just to share my thoughts no matter how random they are. I just need it to look organized and clean. This blog has become my baby and at 8 years old it is still young and growing. And I will be very happy if you guys choose to join me on my "rosy" journey.  

Let me end this post with a trivia on how my blog got its name. I am a huge fan of Sailormoon. (I bet you know where this is going.) Back then, I swoon everytime Tuxedo Mask throws Sailormoon a red rose. Growing up, "napag-nilayan" ko..(haha) I also came to love how beautiful and delicate a rose is but at the same time it can hurt you with its thorns. Life is like that. I am like that. Again, perfectly imperfect. A thorned rose.

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  1. Good luck, with your new look in your new home!