When I Won An Awesome Binge-watching Swag from Iflix

Friday, September 16, 2016

Have you ever won anything ever? I won a tumbler once in a company Christmas party raffle. I have won little things which I am still so happy to have because keywords: It’s free! But I don’t remember winning in any contest I joined intentionally. I usually join those contests that’ll let you win free concert or even just movie tickets. Yes, gano’n lang kababaw ang kaligayahan ko mga bes! Unfortunately, I'm not lucky with those kind of contests. 

One day, Iflix sent me a private message through Twitter verifying my email address because they have a special “surprise” for me. I didn’t join any contest, at least none that I know of. I didn’t expect anything from it, but of course I expected somethinga. I thought I was going to get a free one month subscription on iflix. Huuuu.. Sobrang saya ko na no’n. I waited for a few more days after their message on Twitter. I keep checking my mail but no, still nothing from them. And I remembered—the SPAM FOLDER! And there it is, the message I was not expecting at all.

Turns out iflix turned 1 and they are giving away an awesome binge-watching swag to all lucky users who consume the biggest worth of minutes watching movies and show via the iflix app. No need to register. All you have to do is watch all you can. Needless to say, napaka-effortless naman for me. HAHA. Now that is the kind of contest I can actually win being a TV/movie addict that I am. If watching TV or movies at home (of course, given the proper resources) or basically if being a couch potato is an Olympic sport, I’ll probably bring home a gold medal. I use iflix all the time and I always make sure that my Downloads list is always full because I’m scared of being bored as hell when I commute going to and from work. And I love it that iflix takes care of my binge-watching fix with all their shows for such an affordable price. I already gave you reasons on why I love iflix on my previous post, and now they are giving me a much bigger reason to love them more! 

I can’t believe my eyes so I had to double-check every single detail of the email. What if it was a scam? But they had their address there and they are not asking me to pay for anything. But I still refused to believe it as it was too good to be true until I was signing anything that says everything is mine indeed. 

They have such a cool office.

So this post is a huge thank you to iflix. I’ve never even imagined winning anything like this in my life. Now I can do movie marathons in a whole new exciting way.

With Google Chrome, I can cast the movie I’m watching on my phone straight to my new Samsung TV. 

Instructions were pretty easy to follow.

Et voila!

Mga bes, unlike your ex na hindi marunong mag-reciprocate ng pagmamahal, folks from iflix sure know how to give love back and boy they willreally take care of you.  Isn’t it amazing when love is mutual? Yes? Again, thank you iflix. You guys are awesome. 

This TV/Film addict is overjoyed!

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  1. Oo nga naman. Mabuti pa ang iFlix marunong mag surprise. Yung dapat mag surprise e hindi naman. #HUGOT HAHAHA! Congrats. I did check out iFlix. Pero nga lang, talagang hirap lang akong manood with so many things to do lately. Pero sana tuloy tuloy at mag tumbahan pa sila ng presyo nina HOOQ and yung isa pa... :)