Have Fun at the Fontana Hot Spring Resort

Monday, September 26, 2016

This is a late post obvs because I'm me. But I think it will always be relevant for people who are looking for new places to have fun with family and friends so I am sharing our new favorite place to go when a family member celebrates their birthday. We found out about Fontana Hot Spring when I celebrated my birthday. Our family is big on swimming. No, not just lounging beside the beach and taking selfies--we actually love swimming. We tried looking for a resort near our home in Angeles, Pampanga. But I don't like Subic beaches and Bataan is a bit far. And knowing our family, we are not morning people so our day usually starts at around 9 or 10 a.m. 

We are a big family so we always try to look for a place that's affordable, clean and fun. My birthday falls on a holiday so everywhere is full. Fontana was our last option because we were expecting it to be expensive. We found out that Fontana has 2 resorts, first is the Fontana Leisure Park with the slides, lazy river, wave pool and other kinds of pools children and kids-at-heart will surely enjoy. And then there's the Hot Spring if you just want to relax. We've taken note of the big difference between their rates. The Leisure Park's fee is PHP 450 per head while its just PHP 200 for the Hot Spring. Aside from the Hot Spring, you also get to enjoy the use of Fontana's Olympic pool.

There are few things to remember once you get there. You are allowed spaghetti straps but you're not allowed to wear shirts and shorts with zippers. You are not allowed to bring food inside but there's a picnic area beside the hot spring resort where you and your loved ones can enjoy your prepared meals. I think its better this way since food is quite expensive inside the resort when you order. 

Another thing, they won't charge you for the cottages (as there is none), well, there are a few picnic tables and gazebos inside but they are first come, first serve basis. You can leave your things on tables provided around the resort but its still safe to have someone watch over them while you're gone. I say with PHP 200, don't expect much. But it's a lot nicer than the other inland resorts we've been to that day. Most of all, it is not crowded considering its a holiday. I really appreciate being able to float around the pool without worrying about banging my head against someone. If you are interested to know more, check out Fontana's site here.

I've taken photos to give you a glimpse of how it looks like inside. I hope you enjoy this photo blog.  

Fontana Hot Spring Resort entrance

I bet this man-made falls is beautiful but unfortunately we came on a Sunday when the falls is scheduled for cleaning. 

I love the cold water pool. Just a piece of advice though, just dip your feet first followed by your legs and the rest of your body. It is cold but it can be so fun once your body adjusts to this temperature. This pool is perfect for summer when you won't feel the heat of the sun when you're swimming here.

The two mini-pools (jacuzzi?) beside this larger cold pool actually have much colder water! It was so cold I had to get out. 

It was indeed a hot spring. It took a while before I can fully immerse my whole body in the pool. You can literally feel the increase in temperature. But like the cold pool, once your body adjusts to the temperature you'll find that it is relaxing. 

Here I am with Pop, Mom and my brother, Keith

The sunken bar pool does not really have a "bar" but this is where the staff and lifeguards hang out. If you want to order from Fontana's restaurant, you may just approach the staff and they will just place the order for you.

Just to give you a heads up, their hot spring resort closes by 6 p.m. The good news is, you can hang around and swim some more in their olympic pool until 10 p.m.

Here's a look at the Olympic pool. When we were here, we found that most of the swimmers were Korean nationals.

Having fun don't have to be expensive. Have you been to Fontana resort? Are you planning to? Let me know on the comments below. Have fun!

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  1. It's been awhile since I was able to go back to Pampanga and visit Fontana. But I think this place is not the same one. I thought this place was somewhere foreign because of the chinese characters I saw so I had to re-read the post to check where this is. What I love about this place is the hot spring. I love hot showers and I love hot springs because I just hate cold water. Can't stay in the pool if it's really cold. It's more relaxing for me if the water is warm enough.


  2. The place is so gorgeous at 200 pesos ah! Sobrang sulit. I didn't know na may hot spring din in Pampanga. I've heard fontana but I thought it's a membership resort. The 200 pesos is valid until what time?

  3. We used to frequent Fontana when I was a kid, but I've never tried their hot springs, just the leisure park. I think for its price it's already a good deal and is ideal for big families like yours. Love how it's not so crowded considering the date! Nice recommendation! :)