How to Make Worklife Easier

Monday, August 01, 2016

I used to be one of those people who would count days until its weekend. I would pray and pray for strength to get me through Wednesday for I feel that once I pass the hump-day hurdle, Thursday and Friday will be just a breeze. More often than not, work hours goes by turtle-slow.  But surprise, surprise… I still count days until weekend! But not as often as I used to and I am not as cranky as I was before while doing it. Yes, cranky. Being irritable is one warning sign of stress at work. If  you find yourself feeling depressed and anxious, having sleep or stomach problems, losing interest in work (hoping that you were interested in it in the first place), getting tired easily or experiencing headaches, you need to relax and slow down a bit. Work may be stressing you a little too much.  After “adulting” 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for several years now, I have learned to enjoy my worklife. I also found several tricks to lessen the stress work brings me. And because sharing is caring, let me share you ways on how to deal with stressful worklife:

  • Make a list. I admit that I’m not the most organized person but when my mind is having tiny panic attacks because of all the things I have to do, creating a check list calms my nerves and helps me balance my energy and efforts. I feel a sense of satisfaction when I put a check mark on the boxes one by one until I complete all the tasks for the day.

  • Build new friendships. Working too much can take its toll on anyone, more so if you don’t have any work friends. Find someone you think you can trust and someone who can listen. Simply sharing your thoughts and feelings can help reduce stress.
  • Dress well. You’ve read that right. Dressing well is one way to boost self-confidence and will give you that “Let’s do this” aura.
  • Take your break. Make most of your break time. Walk around. Get away from your table. If you are unable to go out, find a window in your building with a view of the skyline or any outside view at all, enjoy it and just breathe.
  • Just slow down. There are so many stress busting activities you can do like listening to relaxing music, playing with your stress ball or even doodling (on scratch papers, of course!). Personally, when I’m feeling depressed or when I feel suffocated by the pressure from deadlines, I stop for a minute and browse through pictures of our dogs and cat on my phone. Because how can you not smile while looking at pictures of your furbabies?
  • Eat well. Make smart choices when it comes to what you eat because it can have a huge impact on how you feel during the day. I know these are comfort foods, but try to minimize sugar and refined carbs. These comfort foods may not be so comforting at the end of the day because they can lead to crash and mood and energy after. Limit your caffeine to not more than twice a day.
  • Be healthy. If you easily give in to temptation when it comes to what you eat, help your body out by taking supplements such as vitamins and minerals. Start with vitamin C. A healthy dose of it can help keep you away from common cold and other sickness. It also helps in production of collagen which is important for healthy tissues, bones, blood vessels and is well-known to keep skin young-looking. Vitamin C is also beneficial to individuals whose immune system is weakened by stress. However, I stopped taking vitamin C before because it makes my stomach uneasy because of its acidity. Good thing I discovered Fern-C. It is a vitamin C in Ascorbate form which means it is non-acidic. Remember the days when you have to eat before taking your vitamins? FERN-C being non-acidic, can be taken on an empty stomach.  Believe me, work life is easy with Fern-C! Subok na
Boost your immune system and reduce stress with FERN-C. To know more about it, you can check out their site here. Or follow them on their social media pages: 

Sure hope these tips work for you as it did for me because life is just too short to count days. Now go get back to work. ;)

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  1. Good tips. :) My advice for those who want an easy worklife is to get a job that you enjoy. Seriously. Even if it's stressful, if you like doing it at the end of the day you'll feel happy and contented. I used to be a weekend person, counting down the day until it's Saturday. After I switched into another job, things got better.

  2. Graet tips! These apply not only for out of the house workers but also for workers at home. We get tired and depressed and stressed as well. My lists are crazy and really long and I also love checking this off! I don't enjoy when things in the list move from day to day unfinished though! how annoying. I take vitamin C as well, I don't like getting sick!!