Philippine Madrigal Singers: HaHeHiHoHu Concert

Monday, June 13, 2016

I attended the Philippine Madrigal Singer's concert last June 4, Saturday. The said concert entitled "HAHEHIHOHU: HArmony, HEritage, HIts, HOpe, HUgot", is the last concert of the year (in Manila) since they are going on a world tour after. Given that information, I immediately looked for someone to come with me because I don't want to go alone. Luckily, my friend Gelo responded to my last minute Facebook message I sent him the day itself! Lucky are we who have these kind of friends. Heehee. I knew he's in a choir and loved choral music so he's the first one on my mind. Turns out he's also a big fan of the Philippine Madrigal Singers or Madz as fans fondly call them. It was ultimately last minute so imagine my delight when he said yes. 

We were late but went on with it anyway and bought tickets and waited for the intermission before the usher opened the door and we got to our seats. But it was still worth it. 

Here we are before the second part of the show started and we just sat down.

We truly enjoyed the show. Their showmanship was superb! They even had a videoke part where they had a big microphone as a props and asked the audience to sing with them. Some may be intimidated with listening to classical or choral music but the Madz made it so enjoyable and fun. It was like a musical as well. And they played hugot songs that people know as well like Pink's Just Give Me a Reason and more. I'm just sad that we weren't able to get a copy of the official song line-up just like the UST Singers Concert Organizers gave when I attended their concert. 

One of their songs included Filipino folk dancers while some of their members played with ethnic or traditional Filipino musical instruments. HaHeHiHoHu indeed. Hugot and Heritage most especially. Watching and listening to them will really make you proud of being a Filipino (cliche but true). They're so good you can just close your eyes and listen and it'll still be satisfying. 

We would've shouted "more!" after but they already left. I took a photo of the empty stage. Gelo and I decided we'll take more groupie shots with the stage behind us.  But as we were going down, we heard a whisper of a song. I almost dismissed it. I listened still. I stopped Gelo from taking pictures and told him we should probably go outside. We dashed to the lobby and there they were, singing at the staircase! Of course, we couldn't miss this. Together with the rest of the audience, we took out our phones and took a video and a few photos. 

With Philippine Madrigal Singers' conductor, Mark Anthony Carpio.

See you next year Madz. Prayers and good luck for your world tour! 

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