President Duterte and His Slippers

Friday, May 13, 2016
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Let me begin by saying that I am not for the Aquino's nor the Liberal Party. Generally, people think when you're Anti-Marcos, you're automatically pro-Aquinos. I've read too many books and articles to know that there's a possibility that the Aquinos are just as guilty as the Marcos's during that time. This post is not in defense of the Aquinos. And the "victory" of EDSA People Power should not solely be attributed to them. It is not just about the Aquinos. In years I've had this blog, I have never written anything political. But I care too much about this issue just to "shut up".

What the Marcos apologists need to understand is that Martial Law is NOT the problem. It is NOT about Marcos vs. Aquino per se. Duterte can declare Martial Law if necessary. It's much bigger than that. I'm talking about the human rights violations during that era. The violence that Ferdinand Marcos, being the Commander-in-Chief during that time, allowed to perpetuate. Being electrocuted, raped (worse, gang raped), have things inserted inside your genitals, gauge your eyes out, your fingernails pulled out--this event in history is not just #MartialLawThingy.

Do they deserve to die because they chose to say something? Some are just students barely out of puberty, some are even innocent and are just suspected of being one (the government suspended the privilege of writ of habeas corpus, remember?).

What do you say to their families? What do you say to the man whose brother was found tortured to the point that his face almost unrecognizable? How do you console a father whose daughter was found bruised, raped and dead? What do you say to a family whose family member was never found? And in comparison, do you tell the Lolas who've become sex slaves during the Japanese occupation, "Matagal na po 'yon, Lola. Move on na kayo."? How? And more importantly, can you--in person, not while cowardly posting comments and reposting memes? 

I acknowledge everything Marcos did for the country, the Lung Center, Heart Center, PICC... Cultural Center of the Philippines is one of my favorite places ever. I'm even thankful to Imelda because arts flourished during that time. Pero naman kasi,hindi ba dapat naman, he was in office for 2 decades anoAlangan namang mangungutang lang siya sa World Bank for nothing. Okay lang nakawan basta nakikitang may pinupuntahan gano'n? What a sad logic. My point is it's not about all the things Marcos did, it's about all the things that he DID NOT do.

Now that I've covered that, back to the real and current issue. I support Leni Robredo. What I want people to understand is that I voted for her NOT because she's from LP but because I have faith in her and and her brand of leadership. She’s quite fit for the position. In fact, she is one of the champions of the Freedom of Information act, supporter of Bangsamoro Basic Law and Tax Incentives Transparency bill—all the things President Duterte also supports. (Read more about Leni Robredo’s background here and here) All I am asking of her is she is proclaimed as the nation’s VP is to prove everyone wrong, that she is not a puppet of her party.

Ang mga Pilipino, watak-watak. Walang identity. Nakakalimutan mo na bago ka maging Kapampangan, Bicolano, Manilenyo, Bisaya o Ilokano, Pilipino ka muna. We are so regionalistic. Kanya-kanyang version ng adobo, kanya-kanyang manok sa pulitika.

Now let me tell you, I am not a fanatic. I can't accept her Vice Presidency if her victory is brought about by cheating simply because two wrongs will never make a right. The end will not justify the means. And if Marcos won fair and square, I'm willing to live with the choice of the majority. 

But again, I still have hope for the Duterte-Robredo tandem. They will be like yin and yang. There will be balance. Pareho silang #TsinelasLeadership. As former Enery Secretary described Jessie Robredo's style (which I'm hoping Leni will carry on), "Tsinelas leadership is the willingness to wade in the flood, willing to go where you normally do not go, to the most remote areas, just to be with the most disadvantaged people." 

I envision Duterte's "tsinelas" like a father's, matitikman mo ang hinahanap mo kung wala kang disiplinaPapaluin ka ng "tsinelas" niya. Not because he's angry, but kid, believe it or not, it's because he loves you. I can feel it too. That finally, we have a leader who truly loves the Filipinos. For once after an election I relished on the thought, and the hope, that the future is truly bright. Granted, change must start within ourselves but here's a guy who actually inspires it out of you. Change is coming. No, it's already here. 

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