Unlimited Desserts at Cajun SM Megamall

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Last week, a day before EDSA holiday, I wanted to do a bit shopping for work clothes but ended up satisfying my sweet tooth in this unlimited dessert buffet called Cajun in SM Megamall. While walking with my officemates, I was thinking about whether to go to Megamall or Greenhills because I seriously need to update my office wardrobe. But maybe I just wasn't in the mood to go home that day. I'm a typical work-home introvert but that day I wanted to go out so when my officemate suggested this place in SM Megamall with unlimited desserts, I said yes right away. UNLIMITED. DESSERTS. My sweet tooth got excited. 

It's my first time and it was unplanned so let me tell you that I am not sure whether it's a promo or not or how long it is for but the I can tell you that for Php 199 you can feast on different cakes, pastries and ice cream! Well, all for two hours. 

Here's how their spread looks like:


With my officemates Kelvin and Sasha

Let me set expectations before you get up on your seats and head to Cajun. They have the usual pasta and other meals as well. The unli drinks were hot tea and red iced tea only. The cupcakes were average but I liked the cheesecake. I say, don't expect much. But for 199, it was worth it. Will I go back again? Sure. If my sweet tooth craves for it. 

UPDATE: Officemates went back to Cajun last September 2016 and I'm sorry to say that they no longer offer the Unlimited Desserts Promo. But they will bring it back so watch out for future announcements!

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  1. Death by desserts! I guess for Php 199, that's enough or worth it. So many dessert choices already. Though I wonder, the unlimited desserts is not a promo or limited time?

    1. Hi! We went a few weeks ago and I'm sorry to say they no longer offer the promo. But they are planning to bring it back soon! :)