Flick Pick: "A Second Chance" Review

Friday, December 04, 2015

One More Chance is one of those movies you’ll never get tired of watching. Kahit kabisado mo na ang mga hugot quotes nina Popoy at Basha. This is one of my comfort movies. The kind of movie (like books), na after you’re done with all your series and dvd’s at wala ka ng mapanood na iba—babalikan at babalikan mo. Kasi nga ganon na kayo ka-close nina Popoy at Basha. Tapos feeling mo part ka ng Thursday Group.

When a video circulated online of Popoy and Basha fighting over a Meralco bill, a lot of people got excited. I got excited. Some say it was only a test shot by Star Cinema to see how people will feel about a One More Chance sequel. It went viral. Maraming umasa.

Imagine my happiness when they finally set a release date for A Second Chance together with it's trailer! Totoo na ngaaaa!

I got to watch it on the first weekend it was shown. I was dead serious about spoilers that I didn’t read Twitter hashtags about it, I scrolled up when I see even the title in other people's tweets as well and I did not even read a blog with “quotable quotes” from it. I even posted that I will unfollow anyone who posted spoilers. See? Dead serious.

The sequel feels like coming home—to a house where you grew up in, with the friends you grew up with. The film tackled typical marital problems. One More Chance was where they had to find out who they are as individuals, A Second Chance is bigger than that. It’s what couples in real life experiences and argues about—big or small. Hindi lang naman laging 3rd party ang dahilan ng hiwalayan, it can start from the smallest, most mundane things like the things you stopped doing—like how you never hold hands anymore or the biggest lies—like lying to convince yourself that you’re still happy when you’re over the edge.

I’m actually thankful they didn’t play up with “the mistress” angle, that they decided to go with this route in the story, na everyday problems na nagbuild up lang. Gasgas na naman talaga yang kabit-kabit angle eh.

In the film, Popoy’s still egotistical guy who may have anger management disorder has trouble with letting people love him. Let me just point out how minsan ang o.a. ng mga away. Ganon ba talaga? Ang bilis mag-escalate ng mga away nina Popoy at Basha. Siguro dahil sa tempers. O dahil hindi na rin si Basha yung Basha Belinda on the first parts of One More Chance noon na lagi lang tahimik at submissive kay Popoy. John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo have chemistry like no other. You'll really feel na naghu-hugutan sila ng emotions from each other. That's why it worked. That's why we believed in the Popoy-Basha magic. 

Also, I wish I have a Thursday Group barkada. Yung may voice of reason like Krizzy (Dimples Romana) and JP (Ahron Villena), may referee like Kenneth (James Blanco), Comedian and enabler like Chino (Janus del Prado) at hindi rin mawawala ang cynical/cautious na si Anj (Bea Saw). 

I’m still single but I learned so many things about relationships on the film. Made me realize how avoidant I am when it comes to arguments. I can relate more with Popoy than I can with Basha. That I can be insecure about making mistakes, that it can take a while before I forgive myself. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the one. Or that really, there is no “the one”. And it’s true that staying in love is a choice that you have to make, everyday for the rest of your life. So I think every couple who’s about to get married should watch the film first, see that marriage isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. That the butterflies will go away.

Maybe I appreciated it because I feel that I’ve matured as a film viewer. If I were younger, I probably wouldn’t like it as much.

Was it better than the first film? The two tackled different problems. Like I said before, it’s more than finding yourself now. They found themselves already, it’s just a matter of accepting the other for who they are, who they are not and who they’re not going to be. A Second Chance is not better nor worse than its prequel, but it’s everything I hoped it would be. 

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  1. Oh my. This makes me want to watch A Second Chance more!! I just hope I can find some free time to watch it. Thank you for sharing your magnificent review :)

    Totally relate about the spoilers! Haha!

    1. Spoilers totally ruin viewing experience. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. Good thing I already watched the movie before I saw your post. Mixed emotions talaga while watching. It's a nice movie. Although we're still young, it gave me an idea about marriage and its reality. :)