Gloc-9: Ang Kwento ng Makata Concert

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

This year, I decided not to go home with the family to the province because November 2 was not declared a holiday. (I'm looking at YOU, Mr. President.) I knew the family will be home very late on Sunday and I have to get up early the next day for work. Even if I live within Metro Manila, you still have to go to work early because of the traffic. I know you know what I mean. I spent most of my Sunday doing the laundry, which, I find very therapeutic. Haha! 

But before that, I went out with the bff last Saturday. What was supposed to be just a dinner turned out to be a spontaneous, fun night! I met Gilbert in Greenhillls where I am doing a little bit of shopping for my Christmas gifts. I'm trying to complete my checklist as early as I can to avoid any last minute hassle like I do every other year before. I am a better person now. I am a grown up. Lol.

Walking to the Promenade, we passed by a poster by the Music Museum. It was Aristotle Pollisco/Gloc-9's Ang Kwento ng Makata concert and with it is a long list of guests. The most affordable ticket was only for Php 880. And the concert was that night (Oct. 31st). We exchanged glances. Haha! You know how you and your best friend's mind are like connected sometimes? We went to dinner to think about it, like we needed any more thinking. We decided we'll use his credit card to buy the tickets but alas, they do not accept credit cards at that moment. We sadly walked away. But I changed my mind thinking, you know what, we're here. It was probably a cosmic sign somehow that we were there, tickets were cheap, we've never been inside Music Museum and for the love of music! We decided to go with it and enjoy the rest of the night. And enjoyed it, we did.

What's good about Music Museum is it's size. It's smaller than other concert venues but the good thing about it is that it allows you to enjoy the performance even if you're a cheapskate like us, and you only bought the most affordable tickets. Afterall, you're only going to be at the second floor and not unlike in CCP's Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo where the cheapest ticket will place you on the 4th floor. 

I'm not a fan of rap but I do listen to it time to time. But I learned to appreciate it because it's so challenging to do, that and because I love tongue twisters. The first Gloc-9 songs I've ever listened to were Simpleng Tao and Hinahanap ng Puso. Watching Gloc-9 made me remember what I loved about it before: THE STORY. A good rap music tells a good story and that is what I love about Gloc-9. Not only that, the lyrics are well thought out. Para ka lang talaga niyang kinukwentuhan. Second, it's not only songs about unrequited love, some of his songs are about our country and everything that is wrong and beautiful about it. So the concert title's very appropriate. Ang Kwento ng Makata. Hindi lang ka lang pwedeng maging "makata" sa tula. Pwede rin sa rap!

There was a video showing Gloc-9 telling a story about his personal life and how he became what he is now. He was very humble and his stories were very touching especially about his life before he became a rapper and his tribute to the Master Rapper, Francis Magalona.

He sang a very good rendition of See You Again with KZ Tandingan with Francis M.'s pictures flashing on the screen. My heart melted. At ang galing talaga ni KZ! Hindi lang siya puro birit. Ang galing niya sa techniques and dynamics. I became a fan. 

I sang (rapped!) with Gloc-9 when he sang Simpleng Tao which was my favorite during high school. Good thing I still remember the lyrics! Haha! Reminded me a lot of my high school days. He also sang Sirena with Ebe Dancel, too. Ang galing. I love that song and everything it is trying to say. Rochelle Pangilinan did a sexy, electrifying dance number whilst he sang Magda. Ikaw na, Rochelle! He also sang with Aiza Seguerra, Jay Durias, Reese, Kylie Padilla and more. The concert was also for the benefit of Yes Pinoy foundation. I always think it's nice if an artist gives back. 

The last song was his version of Kaleidoscope World and everyone sang while waving their lit phones in the air. What a moment. 

We don't have any good photos but here are some of them.

All in all it was an awesome night! All the more awesome because it was very spontaneous. And it was worth it. Just in case you read this, thank you for a good night, Gloc-9. Huwag ka magsawa magkwento. You are a good storyteller. For the next Gloc-9 concert, I'm going to google the lyrics and practice na. Haha! :)

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