Holy Week Special

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hello guys! Are you also having a hot, humid as in hulas na hulas day like I am? Teehee. The family's planning to go do Visita Iglesia in Pampanga but with the looming entry of another "Super Typhoon" entering PAR and our family's spontaneity--anything is possible. And that "anything" may include staying at home (but hopefully not).

Some of you are probably off to the beach, going home to your provinces or planning your road trips for this long weekend or maybe some of you don't really have any plans of leaving the metro, simply spending your Lent at home, revel in the traffic-free city, meditate in silence and/or watch a bit of t.v. for Lenten Specials. Since we usually stay at home this time of the year, I want to be out and about for a change. But just in case, I checked out tv scheds for the week. I got excited when I saw ABS-CBN's TV schedule for Maundy Thursday (tomorrow!). They are showing Ekstra and Himala top-billed by Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor respectively.

You should watch them because 1.) They're Nora and Vilma 2.) Himala's one of the greatest local film of all time 3.) You'll be seeing a different Vilma in Ekstra and 4.) They're Nora and Vilma! Lels.

This is not a Flick Pick Review so I won't get to specifics of the stories. Ekstra is about a day in a life of Loida Malabanan who is, well an extra for movies. Ang saya lang because it is a film within a film. At ang bida ay ang extra! It is directed by Jeffrey Jeturian (of Be Careful With my Heart). Story and Screenplay by Zig Dulay and Antoinette Jadaone who directed the highest-grossing local indie film That Thing Called Tadhana. It was an entry in Cinemalaya 2013 and won Best Screenplay for Dulay, Jadaone and Jeturian and Best Performance by a Lead Actress for Vilma Santos. The film also won the Audience Choice Award. Don't worry, it's not a heavy drama. Matutuwa kayo sa magandang cameos at maaalala niyo siguro ang mga Super Moms niyo kay Ate V. Her character's so charming and I'm glad she had a film na for a change, light lang. Wala masyadong dramatic moments. There is one pero hindi naman niya sinabunutan ang sarili niya while screaming or anything like that. In her one "moment" here, she just cried silently.

But if I may say so, when it comes to acting na walang moments, mas magaling si Nora kay Vilma. Kahit hindi siya nagwawala, mata pa lang ni La Aunor, kuhang-kuha ka na. Himala's directed by the Ishmael Bernal and written by the Ricky Lee. The film bagged various awards at the first MMFF (1982) including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Story, Best Cinematography and Best Actress. It also won CNN-APSA Viewers Choice Awards for Best Asia Pacific Film of all time in 2008. Thankful to ABS-CBN for digitally restoring this masterpiece. Finally, somebody took the initiative. Afterall, film reflects a part of our country's history and culture.  Film pa noon so I guess the restoration's not easy. 

Awards or no awards, both films are great. Love your own naman daw and support local. You can see the rest of the Holy Week schedule here. This isn't a sponsored post so you're welcome, ABS-CBN. Haha.

Wherever you're spending your Holy Week, may it be full of repentance and reflection. Spend one day without T.V., gadgets or Social Network. In the end, it's really all about Him up there. Makipag-reunion ka sa Kanya. Baka matagal ka na Niyang hinahanap e. :)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation! 

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