Finding Winter

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I was not a pet lover before. Maybe it's because 1. I have a commitment issue and 2. I have a sense of responsibility of a turtle. I figured why would I take care of a pet when I can't even take care of myself? I was one of those people who'd call them "just" pets. Things changed when my sister bought the cutest shih tzu, Summer and Summer had 3 other dogs two years after: Haru, Cookie and Winter. You have a heart of stone if you won't fall in love with these 4 cuties. So yeah, I fell in love with them and I became a full-pledged "Pet Auntie/Tita". My sister actually calls me Tita Yella (or for  when she baby talks: Tita Nella) when talking to her dogs. We fondly call them the bears, our huggable bears. Before, we only have guard dogs. It's he first time we had dogs who stay inside the house with us (I refuse to call them toy dogs--eeek.) 

Having pets changed our family. In a family of 8, each one as opinionated as the other, tempers easily flare. But now we had more patience with each other or just patience, period. We bonded more and we would bring the bears to our out of town trips. 4 dogs are more than a handful but we don't care. We loved them that much. And for me they turned from "just pets" to being part of the family.

One sad day we lost one of our beloved bears. This post is to actually ask for help in finding her and to tell you more about her. Hoping that whoever has her or took her will read this and know how much she means to us and how much we want her back. More info and details will be at the bottom of the page.

Winter is the youngest among the three. She has many nicknames: Winter, Wiwin, Winterina,Winnifer and Winona. I like to call her Winthor because I baby talk sometimes with dogs and she's a little warrior.

She has this stare that looks like she doesn't trust you. Always looking curious and doubtful at the same time. Here she is less than a month from birth.

Here she is with her partner-in-crime, Kuya Haru behind her.

These 2 photos above are from when she's just a month old.

She also has a mischievous smile, like she has something evil planned or already did something evil.  We also call her maldita. Teehee.

We miss her tiny mouth. When her mouth is closed, she looks suplada.

She likes to give unlimited kisses but we would avoid her because sometimes she rummages through garbage cans. Hence the nickname "acid mouth".

Here she is  at the left side with Cookie and Haru. See how she's the smallest.

She's also mom's favorite.

We miss Winter's kisses every time we wake up in the morning or how she always kisses us all the time. We miss her running with Summer, Cookie and Haru to welcome us when we get home. I miss her sitting beside me and giving me her pleading, irresistible puppy-dog eyes every time I'm snacking on something. I miss her sleeping beside me sometimes or how she would roll over tummy-side up for her daily dose of tummy tickles. And I miss her maldita stare and evil smile. I miss you, Winter. The whole family misses you.

If someone deliberately took her--stole her, please know that my sister can't work, think or even eat when Winter is sick. She gets sick sometimes and won't eat. My sister would bring her to the vet and pay for Wiwin to be confined and get well--just like you would a human. My sister sometimes feed her herself pag ayaw niyang kumain. I want you to know how Winter is our favorite because she's the mastermind of all the "crimes" in the house. I want you to know that the other dogs are no longer playing with each other kasi wala ang "mastermind" nila. I want you to know that I let her kiss me even though I get acne attack but I still let her because I love her. Please give her back.

Winter has been missing since April 26, 2015 and was last seen in Amadeo, Cavite. She's a 10-month old white princess type shih tzu with brown-black ears. She's a bit dirty when she got lost because we can't give her bath yet after getting her vaccine. The person who found her should've asked around. I don't know if that person intentionally didn't look for us but please give back our baby Wiwin. My sister is willing to buy her back or give a reward. If anyone of you has any information about her or who found her please contact any one of us, my sister Abby at 09262566180 or me, Yella at 09391552074. 

It is just sad how some people take advantage of this devastating situation. Someone even had a gall to ask for money when he can't even show a current picture of Winter. When we asked him for a Viber video he made a lame excuse that the dog is with his uncle sa palengke (market). Namamalengke may aso?! Instead, he just cropped an existing picture posted by my sister on Facebook. Nakakaloka! Nakakalungkot isipin na may ganitong tao talaga sa mundo who'll take advantage of other people's loss, sadness and desperation. 

It will really mean a lot if you guys repost this on Facebook or any social media platforms and/or remember how she looks like just in case you see someone with a new dog. Maybe, hopefully this post will reach the right person so that we can be reunited with Winter again. We're not giving up just yet, Winter. We love you so much.

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