Dark Side

Monday, March 30, 2015

In my book, there are two kinds of fiction writers: one who writes love stories and one who writes about death. When I write a love story, I can't seem to give it a happy ending. Guess I fall under the latter category.

I want to write a murder story someday. But then I'll imagine--inhabit a body of someone, usually a girl. I'll read her mind during her last few minutes alive. Knowing, just being absolutely certain of death. Will life really flash before your eyes seconds before a bullet hit you or as you feel the knife break your skin then twist inside your flesh, tearing your organs apart? Or does it flash before you while you wait for your blood to run out? 

I call them "dark stories".  I've written few before. They come from the deepest and darkest part of myself. My mood changes. Everything's dark and grey and there is no tomorrow. No one is there. It's scary and easy to go to that dark side. It's hungry--it will feed on your sanity. It is needy. It will cling on you so hard so you won't escape it's embrace.

But I find the light and I never ever take my eyes away from it.

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  1. Go for it yells, tap all of those that you see and feel. Push the limits!

    Supporting your dream,

    ArchaicGlint :D

  2. This post is beautiful, moving and macabre..
    Does writing about the dark side help to release those thoughts and emotions?

    1. It does actually. Like you have an evil and vain alter-ego who wants to come out--to be written about. And after you do, it's like you can breathe again after holding breath for so long. Thanks for reading!

  3. :) encouraging your self is how you help the others.

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