Truth for the Fallen 44

Thursday, February 12, 2015

If you care enough to closely follow the news about the 44 PNP-SAF Officers (now known as the Fallen 44), I bet you also have so many questions which you know will never be answered. The truth of any answer we can manage to get will still be questionable. 

The proceedings show that there is a (little?) competition between AFP and PNP; with questions of why now retired PNP Chief Purisima did not coordinate with AFP Chief Gregorio Catapang nor relay details of the Mamasapano operation to DILG Sec. Mar Roxas and PNP OIC Espina or why AFP failed to send any reinforcements to back SAF officers up.

How true is it that Purisima orchestrated the poorly planned mission to clean his name out of his controversial mansion issue? And let me also note how I'm disappointed with the President's speech announcing Purisima's resignation not even naming who will replace him as PNP's head in this very trying moment for the organization. PNoy just reminisced about how Purisima was with him at the time of a coup d' etat during his mother's administration. I don't care much about PNoy and Purisima's bromance but I mean, COME. ON. Will Noy's speech just always be a rehash of history (his father's death, mother's and GMA's presidency)? 

During the Senate inquiry, Catapang stated that the AFP have their own operation planned against Marwan (see GMA News article).  I was like, so ano 'to? Kanya-kanya sila? Parang (AFP to PNP): 'E mission niyo yan, labas kami diyan. Ginusto niyo yan e. Bahala kayo sa mga buhay niyo.' Ganon? 

What will happen to our beloved Philippines if it's like that between PNP and AFP? 

Should we cancel the Bangsamoro Basic Law? Minsan naisip ko, bakit hindi na lang ihiwalay sa Pilipinas ang mga gustong humiwalay? Bahala silang gumawa ng sarili nilang government. Pero bigyan sila ng Visa kung gusto nilang pumunta sa "Pilipinas". Gusto nila yan eh. Why not give them the freedom and independence they want?

There's also a part of me that agrees with Mayor Erap Estrada's point of view that MILF cannot be trusted and that we must "wage war to gain peace". But then I realized I am only confident in saying that because I am at the comfort of home and I don't know (can't even imagine!) what it's like to be afraid of stepping out of the house because of the sound of guns and bombs outside; destruction of homes, death of innocents. Imagine--just imagine that.

If war can't be avoided, let the government make sure to evacuate civilians first. 

Now I am not very trusting of our own Philippine National Police officers but was really moved when I watched and read PNP OIC Leonardo Espina's emotional speech before the House of Representatives. With that speech, he resurrected what little faith I have towards the integrity of PNP.

Shelf the BBL if we must but I think these 44 brave men deserve if not justice, they deserve the truth about what really happened. Truth is their justice. As Espina put it, "I seek answers for my people so that when I die and when my time comes that I have to face them, I can say something. It is always sweet to die for this country. Itong mga taong ito will always be there in front and say: 'Mission Accomplished po.'

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