Monday, October 27, 2014

Here is another post apologizing (mostly to myself) for not being able to write more often. 

I hope to solve that with the Blogger app I downloaded on my iPod.

What you are reading is what we call a "test" post since I wrote this and posted it via the app. I decided to download the Blogger app since I don't always have an internet connection nor my laptop with me. I've been looking for a good (and free!) app for blogging because I always have my iPod with me. It's basically an extension of myself! Haha. I was only able to find the app for Wordpress but sadly, the app for Bloggr wasn't available that time. But now it's here!

Okay so I don't and won't expect much from a free app. I expect to use it for just short posts with minimal photos. What you're reading now is how it is. 

This is a screencap of its interface. You can't change alignments, no auto-save or  spell checker and you can't put a caption for your pictures. Oh and there is no option to view comments, too. I'm a bit worried about how my screencaps would appear upon publishing the post but well, this is just a test post. With the auto-save problem, I'll just copy the whole post before posting in the mean time just to be sure. 

I hope there won't be any problems so I can post more often (I know! Huhu.) If you now a good Blogger app for apple, please let me know. :)

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  1. I might give the WordPress app a try. Like you I struggle to find quality time for blogging.