Thank You 2013!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wow you guys! One year has passed. Imagine that? And you are now reading my year-end post. Time goes by so fast huh? But I knew exactly where my time went. :)

2012 has been a rough year so even before 2013 started, I promised myself that I will make this year a year of new experiences. In more ways than one I have achieved that. That was my little New Year's Resolution, to be little less fearless--to say YES more. Year 2013 has been fairly good to me and I was able to gain new experiences that left me with valuable lessons. But of all the things, the most important thing I learned this year is that I am BRAVE and STRONG. Mas matapang at malakas pa pala ako sa inaakala ko. (Yes, I'm smiling as I'm typing that last sentence.)

So here are the highlights of my 2013:

  • Ran in my first Fun Run. 7-11's Run 800. Even though it was only a 5 km. run, I was so scared that I won't be able to run to the finish. I nearly wanted to back out. But turns out, I can finish a race. And this is when I fell in love with running. But I still won't call myself a runner. I just became more conscious about my health this year so I read more about it (Thank you, Runner's World PH! ) as well. Also, I had a problem with my knee so yeah. Read more about how my run went here

  • Ah. I don't write much about it but I went through a period of depression years back because I hated my course and I can't really decide what to do with my life. Actually, I wanted to do so many things that I lost my focus. Plus, I had to decide if I wanted a degree that will give me financial satisfaction or a degree that will leave me doing something that I love. But you know how sometimes those two things rarely or almost never come together. I felt less and so insecure than everyone else with my batchmates graduating college already and me stuck at work letting time slip away. This 2013, I faced my fear of other people's reaction of me still studying. While working, I enrolled myself in an A.B. Journalism course! So yes, I am brave. No matter how long of a time it took me to get here, I feel that I am finally on the right track. I chose something that I love. 

  • I started running because I want to climb a mountain and climb a mountain I did! Together with my friend, Arn, we climbed to the summit of Mt. Batulao in Batangas. Urong-sulong ako sa trip na 'to. Haha! I moved dates over and over. I keep making excuses because I'm so scared. I'm the only one planning the trip and we had to cross our fingers that there is still a tour guide to go with us despite the storm. Yes! How crazy are we to climb a mountain after a possibility of a storm was reported? Maybe we're not brave, we were plain crazy! Haha! I just felt a surge of adventure and guts that day that I had to take advantage of it, like it's now or never. Hopefully, I can post better pictures next climb. Yung walang clouds. Ha! (Read about the climb here. )

  • To visit Banaue Rice Terraces is on my bucket list. I just never thought I'll be going this year. We were supposed to come home from my aunt's wake (it was in Nueva Vizcaya) when I asked Papa if we could go. Malapit lang naman daw. But god, it was raining hard and the road going there was scarier than Baguio. You're really at the edge of the mountain. What a ride! We keep on stopping to quarrel among each other if we should go back. But my ever adventurous Papa decided we have go. Good thing we did. The Rice Terraces was indeed a sight to behold! I don't even have the words. I just want to sit and stare at the green stairs and thank God for everything. Really a good place to soul-search. It really is a Philippine treasure. I wish to go back there in a good weather (again with the weather!).

  • And last but most definitely not the least, the Christmas Party at Child Haus. It was a really rewarding and humbling experience. It made me appreciate simple things. It made me appreciate life. Charity is not given to make you feel better about yourself because you're more fortunate than others. It's aspiration must be to give hope and to make others feel that they are not alone. That there are people who cares.

One of my 2014 Resolutions is to continue making new experiences. I will not promise you anything else. But I will always try and make a conscious effort be a better Yella than I was a year before. I hope your 2013 was just as good as mine but if it isn't I wish you to bring its lessons to the following year and hope that your 2014 will be better. 

I welcome 2014 with much hope and gladness in my heart as I did the previous year. I claim it! It will be a great year! I wish you all have a Happy New Year too!

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