Maring and Other Rantings

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

As of this moment, PAGASA lowered the rain fall warning from Orange to a Yellow in Manila and nearby areas.  It's 1:30 am on a Wednesday and I'm just hearing soft drizzle outside our window as I'm typing this post. It has been raining non-stop since Sunday. All I did was read and watch updates and review for Midterm on subjects I have yet to take exams on. 

I was doing my usual blog hopping when I chanced upon a blog on . It's a compilation of commentaries from a group now branded as Anonymous Incorporated. If you check it out here, it's an expose by Anonymous people regarding the people and the pork barrel scam. It is very appalling to read all the information they have. I understand why they preferred to be anonymous. E talaga namang 'buwis-buhay' ang mga information na binigay nila. Plus, they're right. Media can and has the tendency to manipulate everything. 

They sound like they are operating within the Napoles Company. One comment even said that all the issue (e.g Cotabato bombing) and others outshined the Pork Barrel issue. Let me just play the devil's advocate here, what if all the those other issues (masking as terrorist attacks) were really orchestrated by those in power and are involved with this controversy to divert peoples attention away from the scam? Afterall, media will always focus on the latest issue, the latest "buzz". I say, we must remain vigilant about this. This is our money.

Yes, my tax may be puny compared to others pero kabawasan pa rin yun sa sweldo ko. I am a taxpayer. I work (on a night shift--if that adds any more bearing) and I am a student at the same. But I am not working just to give a portion of my hard earned money to finance the lavish lifestyle of those in power. Like a tweet said (I think it was Ramon Bautista who said this), "Kung ordinaryong snatcher nga na barya lang nakukuha, ginugulpi ng taumbayan. Pa'no yung bilyon-bilyon?"

Don't you just feel they played us for a fool? At kung patuloy tayong magbubulag-bulagan, aba, hindi lang tayo mahiya sa sarili natin. Mahiya tayo sa mga pamilya natin, o sa future families natin--sa mga anak o apong pamamanahan natin ng ganito kabulok na sistema. Idadamay natin sila sa katangahan natin. Hindi ka makikialam dahil wala kang magagawa? Then at least be informed. React. Don't just go to work every day, complain about the Taxes and Deductibles you get on your payslip and then go back to work again. Don't be a robot. 

Now that the Philippines is experiencing the wrath of Maring, we should all the more be concerned of what happened with the pork barrel. Let's not fool ourselves thinking we can get the money back. But maybe the government can at least form an independent body to investigate the guilty parties and if the PDAF can't be abolished, it should at least be regulated. They must not get away with this. And I ask, why didn't Department of Budget see this? Why didn't anyone check the supposed NGO's who will receive a portion of PDAF? Some of the alleged NGO's offices were non-existent and they weren't able to investigate that? Grabe lang. Well, of course 2 things, it's either they're really stupid and of course, they went under the table. It's a no brainer really. 

All those billions could've built infrastructures to prevent all the flood, put doctors to clinics in the barrios, built more houses and roads, and sent more children to schools. But instead our taxes went to the Porshes, luxury bags and cars and houses of these greedy people. 

*Sigh* The Anonymous Inc. wanted to get rid of them (politicians involved) so bad, that they think the only way to solve these problem is to kill them all (yeah, really!). Purge all of them and elect new sets of officials. Then the movie The Purge comes into mind and I imagine people doing a killing spree to eliminate corrupt congressmen and senators! Ayayayy! There will be utter chaos. But of course, I abhor violence even though really, if you think about it, there really is no way this can be resolved because they have money and most of all, power--power that people gave them when they got elected. 

I wish the government could focus on long-term (even if it takes a long time) solution to flooding. I think we all have a part on it naman. The government for not building any flood-preventing infrastructures, the informal settlers who refuse to relocate and irresponsible people who still throw garbages anywhere and everywhere. Well ayan, inanod na ni Maring ang basura, magkalat na ulit kayo. (That's sarcastically speaking just in case you still have to wrap your head around it.) Taon-taon nalang Pray for the Philippines ang drama natin. I'm not being insensitive but I'm just saying, kung laging magte-trend world wide ang baha sa atin, it may affect the number of tourists that will visit our country. Sayang ang effort ng Department of Tourism. Or the tourists may not come back once they get the "Baha"mas experience in our country.

Anyway, enough with the blame game. Let's get into the issue that needs our immediate attention because a lot of people need all the help they can get right now. Even though I am thankful that me and my family are all safe, I feel somewhat guilty about it. Hehe. I am so blessed to be safe so I feel like I need to give back to others who are affected. 

So here are some info on how we can help:

  • Check out ReliefPh website for important updates.
  • Also check out Rappler's website on list of donation drop-off points and evacuation centers.
  • If you know anyone who needs to be rescued, text: RescuePH
    to 26008
  • If you are in short of cash, look for places nearby where you can volunteer (you can repack goods, help in the distribution etc.)
  • Donate to Red Cross Philippines just by texting the ff:
RED (space) Amount to 2899 for Globe and 4143 for Smart subscribers
You can donate the following denominations:
Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000.

I read that DSWD's National Resource Operations Center (NROC) are in need of volunteers. For more info you can contact 02-8528081 or 02-8512681 or visit their headquarters at NAIA Chapel Road, Pasay City.

Caritas Manila is also accepting volunteers and donations. Interested parties may go to their office at 2002 Jesus St. Pandacan, Manila.

For Maring Related tweets, you can hashtag #MaringPh, #RescuePh, #Safenow or #ReliefPh if you need help and to provide and/or get more updates. 

Here are some important numbers in case of emergency:

Oh, and of course my dears, if you want to volunteer, make sure your areas are passable as well and your own safety must be the priority. So if you're complaining about boredom, go out there, make yourself useful and do something worthwhile. Feed your spirit. :)

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