Sky High Dreams

Monday, January 28, 2013

I forgot to mention in my other running post that one of the reasons I started to run was to strengthen my legs because my bucket list includes hiking/mountain climbing this year. So far, I have been good with my New Year's Resolutions so I think I can make it to a summit this time. Wala lang. I just want to share my mountaineering dreams because I realized letting people know what you're doing or what you want to do motivates you even more. Like when I run, it probably bugs my followers how I always tweet about when I'll run. Haha.

Anyways, this year I really wish to go to Mt. Batulao, Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Makiling. Mt. Banahaw is really the top 1 on my must climb, too but I'm not sure if it's open again. I am browsing through mountaineering blogs and I am learning so much. Reading about it makes me more excited. I'm just sad because my best friends are all about beaches and the like and not big fans of running (let alone hiking) so I don't know who I'll be going with. (Sigh)

But I won't let that get away in my dreams of reaching the top. Maybe I'll even join travel or mountaineering groups. It's always nice to meet people who share your passion, right?  

Mt. Batulao
See original photo here.

Mt. Pinatubo
Check out original photo here. (P.S. This guy takes really good photos!)

Mt. Makiling
See original photo here
Pinoy Mountaineer site is very helpful for mountain-climbing aspirants like me. :)

Mt. Banahaw

Check out original photo here.

Mt. Banahaw is like a Mecca for me as you all know, it is dubbed as the "Holy Mountain." And it is located in our humble province of Dolores, Quezon. But I promised myself I would only go here when I... but that's a secret! Ha! So yeah. Just keep checking. I promise to share my way to the top. Who knows? Maybe I'll post about a climb soon.  :)

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