Saying Goodbye with a Song

Monday, January 07, 2013

As they say: Everything--however good it is, has an end. I am just sorry to see it has to be one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl. When I ask you what you'll remember about the show, you girls will most probably say Chuck and Blair! Ha! But as for me I will miss 3 things: New York (as the show is in itself a tribute to the Big Apple), the music and most especially, the fashion--but I think fashion deserves a different post entirely don't you think? :)

So this is how I choose to remember Gossip Girl. This is how I say goodbye to Serena, Dan, Nate, Chuck and Blair.

I am sharing my favorite music from the series. Some of them I loved because of the role the songs played in some of the scenes and the others, well I may not remember the scenes but I am sure I pretty much waited for the show's replay and maximize the TV's volume just so I can listen to the lyrics and google the song! GG's musical scorer is really one of the bests. Most of the songs I am in love with I get from movie/tv soundtracks. Huge part of my playlist are the songs I heard from Gossip Girl (Grey's Anatomy's got some good stuff too.) So here's a run down of the bests! I know. You're welcome.

(Disclaimer: Videoes are not mine. Borrowed them and I give credits to the uploaders.)

Runners Up: Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon (which I think was totally wasted in the Serena/Aaron scene on Season 2), Good Life by One Republic and Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machines.

11. Seasons of Love by Shiny Toy Guns - Not really a favorite song but then I really love the Chuck and Blair moment it was for---when Chuck finally said the 3 Words with 8 Letters! *swoon*

10. Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z - It's all about New York, New York Baby!


9.  Love the Way You Lie by Rihanna - C and B scene again. I just love her pajamas (Yes, I really need to say that.)

8.   Bad Romance by Lady Gaga - And how can I not include my favorite cameos in this list! Remember when Blair invited Lady Gaga? Yeah. One of those epic TV moments.

7. Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye - First heard it on GG. :) 

6.   We are Young by FUN - That season 5 finale episode when Blair follows Chuck to France and said these lines: "You said I always bet against you but this time I am all in." 

5.   Watcha Say by Jason DeRulo 

4. It's Time by Imagine Dragons - was played when the gang are running up the stairs of Metropolitan Museum of Arts to go to Chuck and Blair's wedding. Really puts you in the moment. (Can't find a decent clip yet. Sorry.)

3.   Secrets by One Republic

2.   Fell in love without You by Motion City Soundtrack - I think this was on Season 2's first episode.  Every time I listen to this song I remember the White Party and the beach at Hamptons and of course this is totally the Serena and Dan/Lonely Boy's song. (Ooops, can't seem to upload the clip so here's the Motion City Soundtrack Official Vid instead.)

And my number 1 Gossip Girl song is.... *drum rolls please* Tah-dah!

1. With Me by Sum41 - this is my favorite Gossip Girl moment. If you can remember Blair was so in love with Nate. Queen B was this straight, sweet school girl who idolizes Audrey Hepburn---until she loses the V card to yes, the Chuck Bass. I don't know why I love this song so much but like no. 2 song, every time I listen to this song I can see Chuck and Blair drunk in that limo again. I love the timing of the chorus when they finally kissed. Haha. Oh I am such a cheesecake sometimes.  This was the part when (no matter how I hate the bad boys) I fell in love with Chuck Bass.  <3>

Gossip Girl introduced me to so many songs and artists that are now constant part of my playlist and until now I still check search for some good GG songs that I've missed. But this list so far are the best for me. Music got/get me through something sometimes and I'm thankful to Gossip Girl for that. There's nothing like a good music to save you from a bad day or a broken heart. I hope you enjoyed my little musical trip down to Gossip Girl memory lane. The show will really be missed. For now, as Gossip Girl would say, Xoxo to you all. :)

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