My Eco-Christmas

Monday, December 17, 2012

It has been awhile. Christmas time is just around the corner. I have nothing new to say, which is exactly my fault because I am just too lazy to write something the moment I think about it. Besides, I was going through something and I got through it and I don't want anyone else in on the drama. But hey, it's my favorite season of all and I just can't NOT be happy during Christmas. :)

I am almost done with Christmas shopping for the family and yes I'm now officially broke but Christmas is the only time I'm generous (but I'm working on that next year--Ha!) so I go all out for the family during Christmas. This year I included Mother Nature on my list. I wanted to do something small for her, to help her in my own way. So I decided to recycle old magazines as gift wrappers. Yeah. It's nothing compared to planting a tree or something but I am trying. Plus it saved me a couple of bucks from the usual fancy gift wrappers I always buy. I always believe that in gift-giving, everything matters. From the gift you give to the tiniest detail of ribbons.

First, I ripped pages from old magazines. I chose those full of colorful picures (but pictures that are okay for me not to see anymore.) Then I cut the ripped edges straight and taped them together. I wrapped them just like how you usually wrap gifts. I bought red and gold ribbons to make it prettier and more special. So it was really the ribbons that did the trick! Haha. :)

Unfortunately my Blackberry's memory card got broken and I can't restore the photos I took from when I was actually gift wrapping the gifts. It took me an hour or two each gift because I am so clumsy I want to cut the magazine pages straight. So each gift is a product and labor of love. Anyway I plan to do more to help Mother Nature, even as little as throwing trash in proper place. Okay, so that's that. Merry Christmas to you all! :)

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