On Revenge

Thursday, June 07, 2012

It’s not a big secret to many that I am a huge fan of good TV Series and Movies. From the high school drama of Gossip Girl to Sex and the City, House M.D. and Grey’s Anatomy etc. So now I have come to share my recent love, Revenge. I guess I just came across Revenge on my blog hoppings and Tweets from the people I follow.  Unlike Vampire Diaries, Revenge got me hooked just by the very first episode. I know its going to be promising. If I can make any comparison, Revenge is Gossip Girl for mature adults. For those who spreads either Gossips or Lies for a cause. And well, Gossip Girl spreads facts just so she can prove she knows everything about the Upper East Siders but in Revenge, lies are told and facts are manipulated by the main heroine, Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne so she can manipulate the truth and people so she can avenge her father’s death. Yeah I know, it sounds awfully like our local telenovela plots but of course right from the start, we know Emily’s character is the mean one here, or not. The story solely revolves on that. And unlike local telenovelas, the way she delivers her cold serving of revenge is not at all full of drama. The main character and villain’s both so composed actually. But then let me just tell you more about the characters instead:

Emily Thorne played by Emily VanCamp. Real name’s Amanda Clarke, daughter of David Clarke whom the Greyson’s had framed for a crime he did not commit. I think she mastered the “Poker Face” technique cause she’s always just so calm about everything. Or maybe it’s just that she’s a breath of fresh air from our local telenovela with so much tears and hatred on their sleeves. I love her.

Victoria Greyson played by Madeleine Stow. She’s the practically the head of the Greyson family and the “queen”of Hamptons. I think she’s so classy and gorgeous. But  her smile just drives me crazy because it never goes away! I like her smile most especially when you know she’s infuriated about something. Galing lang sa plastikan. Hehe. Her smile’s demonic. She is, I think the main object of Amanda’s/Emily’s revenge. She was and still is in love with Amanda’s father but framed him anyway because of well---power and wealth what else?

Josh Bowman plays Daniel Grayson, son of Victoria whom Emily seduced and in the end became her fiance so she can use him against Victoria (suprise, surprise!). The typical poor little rich kid who wants to be independent from his family's name. In the story I think he's a good guy with a genuine love for Emily. I'm not sure if Emily's feelings for him were true though or if she's just guilty for using him. I guess I have to watch more to find out. And okay, I think he's cute (OMG that smile!), but rumor has it that he and Emily VanCamp fell in love while doing Revenge and are currently dating. Sigh.

Then there’s the “other guy” who has nothing to do with all of these but gets dragged anyway and is still falls in love with the heroine. His name is Jack Porter. He’s a local bartender and he runs the bar his late father left them. I think Daniel’s cuter though—haha! But I think he’s really Emily’s object of affection. 

It wouldn’t be complete without the “ally” in the person of Nolan Ross played by Gabriel Mann who is easily my favorite character because he’s so adorable and charming, and he’s gay. But not in a very gay way. I don't know if there's something wrong with his social skills but he's alone mot of the time. But he still knows how to get what he wants when he really wants to though. He’s a businessman whom Emily’s father helped (but no one knows he did) to become as rich as he is today. He's a certified geek who does the “techy” side of Emily’s work. He’s also like Emily’s guardian angel trying to change her mind and go to the right way instead, but always fails. I love how his friendship with Emily and Jack progressed throughout the episodes. You can see he protects them always.

Charlotte Grayson played by Christa Allen is Daniel’s sister and the neglected daughter of Victoria. She’s very close to her father, Conrad Grayson but at the latter part you’ll find something juicy about Charlotte’s character that may affect Emily’s as well.

And just like our local telenovela’s  we have the poor guy who fell in love with the rich girl in the name of Declan Porter, Jack’s brother. He’s played by Connor Paolo, who starred in Gossip Girl as Serena’s gay brother. Well ang macho lang ng role niya in this series.  

Okay, there are many other characters and I don’t want to name them all. Go ahead and just watch it. Maybe in the end you’ll agree that “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”J

And here's a trailer of the whole series:  Ciao! :)

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