Hey there 2012!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Okay so this is my first post since (forever?) months ago. That's a long, long way back. I constantly remind myself to write something. But I don't know what about. You know how I always want my posts to be well thought of. Not just a mish mash of random things.

And with all the things I'm interested in---fashion, photography, travel, food, books, movies etc. I still don't know how my blog is supposed to be about. Sigh. Sure I love trying on different shades of lipsticks, but I don't think I want to write about every single one of them in a post. Get what I mean?
So I figured I'll just make my blog all about me and so true to myself. So yes, some post will be personal. It will not be perfect. I will not carefully structure phrases or use only-webster-knows words just so you will think that I'm so brainy, rainbow shines from my mind. If there are people I hate most, its the know-it-alls. My blog will not be perfect. Just like me. I won't pretend like I know everything 'cause I don't. I'll just continue what I do best. Sharing experiences.

So there. Anyway I am looking forward to 2012. If there is a word I would like to be this year, it is to be BOLD. I will try new things. I will experience. I will travel. I will discover. I will love more. and I will write. I will write without fear of thinking what other people thinks.

To start with, hopefully I can share with you my goal of 50 movies this 2012. I've watched a few, courtesy of Rj but haven't written anything about it yet. Will let you know though. :)

There are plenty of travel plans. It just the expenses that I worry about. But hey, 2012. I know everything is possible. And I hope to share with you my escapades for the year sometime soon.
Lastly, more pictures! This is as personal as it gets. I will post more pictures since I notice my blog to be a bit boring. Gotta add some color!

Okay. Hmm. For now. I'm so tired to think of anything else to write about so I will just watch a movie and remember to blog about it. Hehe. :)

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