17th International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

When I came across a travel blog about the schedule of the 17th International Hot Air Balloon Festival a few weeks ahead of the date, I knew I have to go this year. I’ve always wanted to go and witness flying hot air balloons---for real. They always look amazing on TV and in movies. It was held from February 9-12, 2012. We came on the 10th of February because we thought there’ll be less people since it is still a week day. Rj and I commuted to the event since bringing a car would be more expensive because of the gas and toll gate fee and we’re only going for a day. We rode the Philippine Rabbit (one bound for Angeles). Our fare was Php 130 each. We went all the way to the terminal so we had to cross the street and take a jeepney bound for SM Clark (Php 10/px). The terminal was at the main gate. It’s quite easy to find and even if you don’t know the route, the barkers were shouting “balloons/air balloons” while calling for passengers. Hehe. The drivers knew it was a big event anyway. Fare to the Fields is also Php 10. We came before 6 am because the all the blogs I read told us to come early because the balloons take of at 6 and we wanted to see how they put “air” in the balloons. So here are some of the pics we have of the event. J

I ordered the ticket online and picked it up on SM Southmall –Las Pinas the tickets cost Php 200/px.

We were greeted by this at the entrance. Definitely more fun in the Philippines! J

I was also waiting for the beautiful sunrise. There were many people already. Some even set up a tent there.

The Tank

Rj curious with the gun. As with so many people who took picture with it.

Of course I will not let the moment to hold a real gun pass. It was a bit heavy though.

The Balloons are almost up!

It was so early, the moon still hung around. J

The cake balloon. The emcee said it was flown in from abroad and it’s the first time to fly here in the Philippines. Cool!

Me and the Cake Balloon. :)

Rj and the crowd. Hehe. I was trying to take a shot of the crowd really. He looked as cute as a kid I knew I had to include him in the shot. Hehe.

The sun's almost completely up.

We just had to take a couple shot of course. :)

Don't you just love the morning sky?

The soldier skydiving with the Philippine Flag marked the opening of the festivities. We sang the National Anthem while he is floating around with the flag. Proud to be Pinoy moment!

This is how you "blow" up a balloon.

The balloons are almost ready.

Here is a photo of a kid wanting to fly a kite (alas! It’s a Batman kite!). She was so cute I couldn’t stop myself from taking a picture. ;)

The one that “flown” away.

The first balloon to fly was the Close Up Balloon.

All in all, there were 20 Balloons participating in the event.

Everyone’s favorite, the Cake Balloon up in the sky looked awesome with all that colors!

Ahh. The sunrise.

That's Mt. Arayat in the middle.

The Ice cream balloon.

I don't know but they reminded me of the toy soldiers from Toy Story. :)

These two were my favorites---the Flower and the Panda, veterans of the festival.

We like taking pictures of our shadows. We don’t know why.

Manong Guard was kind enough to take a photo of us.

An army solder helping J with the gear.

My soldier. :)

What? Its heavy.

These guys are not your typical soldiers. They were very friendly and always have a smile on their faces and were very patient in helping people with the guns and gears. Look at one soldier taking a picture. They were having fun as well.

This plane flew from the States.

There were also those mime guys---you know, the one where you put coins in a box and they move. But I don’t think they’re mimes. They were actually here so people can take photos with them. Hehe. The whole event indeed was a mecca for photography enthusiasts.

The Iguana and the snake was in the booth of Zoobic Safari. There were so many booths on the area as well. Booths are for souvenirs, food and what-nots.

Rj can’t resist taking a picture with this giant Balloon camera from Canon.

We left for SM Clark later since the sun is already up and temperature was already beginning to spike up. We also wanted to experience movies---the Clark way. This was our way of celebrating our anniversary and Valentines as well. What we did in SM will be on a separate post. Hope you enjoyed reading this one!

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