Only in my dreams

Sunday, August 08, 2010


I want someone who will take care of me. I’ll insist that I can, and he’ll shake his head and say how stubborn I am. He’ll say I’m so stubborn to think that I can take care of myself and he’ll be just as stubborn as I am, he’ll insist of taking care of me and when I ask him why, he’ll just say it’s the only job in the world he can do best---taking care of me. And with that, my heart would melt and my insides too because of this “aww” moment… because hello?! To have someone say that he wants to take care of you just because he wants to is one of the most comforting feeling in the world.
I want someone who’ll laugh at my corny jokes. And in the end, he’ll stop laughing and he’ll smile and he would stare at me, because more than the jokes, he’s just happy whenever I am and because my smile always warms his heart.
He will always remind me to eat on time (because I normally don’t which is one of the reasons why I suck with taking care of “me.” :P) and to bring an umbrella because its either raining or too sunny outside.
I am most of the time boring and a loner but he… he won’t find me boring ever. He’ll actually be fascinated about how I manage to find number of ways to entertain myself even when I’m alone.
He will not try to change me. He will love me for who I am and who I am NOT. He’ll also be my number one fan. To him, I’m the greatest in everything I do, even though I most certainly know I’m not.
He’ll love my family (because it’s always a packaged deal.)
Before he does things, he’ll think of me first, what I’ll think, how I’ll feel… because he cares. He’s considerate that way.
He’ll text me everyday. Not just the usual how-are-you’s but everything. Almost every thought inside his head because he’s always excited to share things with me---something new, something old... his fears… his dreams.
And me, I will also tell him stories---ENDLESS stories of something new, something old... my fears… my dreams. I have this tendency to repeat stories over and over and he may never hear the end of it. But he will always, always listen to me. All ears, attention (cuteness and all!), hanging on to every word that I say, like I’m telling him how to make a time machine or something or like what I say is a matter of life and death.
He’s a planner. Planning things he wants to do, places he wants to see and food he wants to eat---and all of these things, he’ll plan to do with me.:))
He will also be the kind of guy who will still court me, woo me even though we’re already together. He has this talent or ability to surprise me with something, even just writing a small note or sending an out of the blue I love you’s or I-though-about-you-today texts.
And what I’ll love most about him, is that every time we meet, I’ll see in his eyes the look of enthusiasm and joy because he’s so excited to see me (though we were together yesterday!) Prior to that, he’ll constantly wants to see me as if he never gets enough time with me and when we do meet, he would also wish how time would slow down also as if we never get enough time. And what will I think? I will look at the sky and ask good ol’ Bro up there to give this guy an imaginary helmet so that he may never, EVER bump his head and fall out of love with me. Not knowing that he is saying the same prayers, that I will now wake up one day, no longer in love with him, because he knows I am hard to find and a lot to lose. And because he can’t imagine tomorrow without me.
He doesn’t need to make me laugh all the time. But he’s somebody who’s always, always there and when he’s not, he will make time for me especially when I need him most. He’ll be the guy I run to and just hug tight whenever my day sucks and all I want to do is cry all day.
Yeah, he doesn’t need to make me laugh because sometimes, I don’t need a crown. He’ll be my ice cream, my chocolate—my comfort food. He’ll calm me down. He’s my go-to guy. And I can be with him, in quiet because sometimes silence is enough. No word needs to be spoken and I’ll be contented because this is it! Because everything I wanted and needed is right in my arms. Oh wait, sorry. It’s actually the other way around. It’s because I am IN the arms of everything I ever wanted and needed. ; )

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