Someone that will change your life forever??

Monday, February 16, 2009

In keeping with the love month atmosphere,let me tell you a story. Read this at one of the Men's/Gadgets Magazine my dad brought home when I was in 2nd year high school-entitled as "FATAL ATTRACTION". (Okay, I read almost anything I get my hands on. Hehe.)

There was this couple who met when they were in graduate school at some Ivy League University (forgot the actual names, sorry.). At first they were hesitant to pursue the relationship because both came from a failed relationship previously. But they overcame fear, dated for awhile, fell in love and became an item.

They were together for how many years and were making some plans to get married. They enjoy each other's company so much and they were like husband and wife already. They enjoy doing things together.

Both of them have fear of heights. So they decided to conquer their fears by a Roller Coaster ride for the first time together. They were thrilled by their first ride and instantly became addicted in riding roller coasters.

They even joined some Roller Coaster Riders Club and tried every Roller coaster in different States of America. Their particular favorite was the highest in town and was made of Wood.
Imagine the addiction diba? It's weird. I'll never ride a roller coaster in my life. Haha!
Okay, sorry. Got carried away. Haha.
On the girl's 33rd birthday, they went to ride on that highest roller coaster again. The man was supposed to propose for marriage after the ride. He said he was sure she was the ONE.
Off they went. They were screaming and all-smiles the whole time. When they reached the highest loop of the coaster ride, they screamed the loudest of their screams. Yes, they were happy. And suddenly, when he looked beside him it was as though he was dreaming, he saw her... flying in the air.

He just laughed at the thought, still all-smiles till the end of the ride. When he got out, that's when he found out that he's not having any hallucinations at all. His girlfriend wasn't with him when he got out of the ride!

Bet you know what happened. The police found her body in some forest miles away from the carnival. I think not even I can put into words the sorrow he felt that time.
I was so shocked with how their love story ended. Its like they were so right for each other.
As a closing note to the story the guy said:

"Sometimes, you're going to meet someone that will change your life forever. She was that one for me, she's my soul mate. We were so right for each other. But I have to accept everything, remember her always and celebrate the life she lived."

Okay not the exact words. But the first sentence rocked my 14 year old mind to the core. Someone? That. will. change. your life. Forever?!

What a sweet thought!

Pero naiinis ako sa ending nila!

I admit, when he saw her flying in the air, natawa ako. Haha! Kasi, imagine naman diba?!
But even in the end, impossible as it may be, I was still hoping that she'll be found alive, smiling, that everything was a joke and he can still propose to her as planned.

Nobody deserves this kind of ending. Asar. Kung kelan sure na siya that he found the one. Tsktsk... Dun naman siya kinuha ni God. Ang sad, sad diba?

Hope you enjoyed the story, no matter how sad it may be.
With this I end this post and wish every one a love that lasts, a love that's in the right time--not too early nor too late and a love that's pure and true. Yihee. It'll come at the right moment for me.;))
Ciao guys! Love you dear readers. xoxo.;P

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  1. wah..really?? gudgudgud...may i borrow??? hahaha. *juz kidding!..gusto ko rin mbasa un(he's just not that into u)..i have this feeling na maganda xa.haha. sana lng makakita ako ng gnto sa booksale. gusto ko rin mapanuod ung movie! hehehe...