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Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm not suppose to write something about this and I have more decent stuffs to write about but jeesh! I can't seem to write about the things I really want to. I take notes beforehand but when I finally sit in front of the computer I write about a completely different thing as to what I'm supposed to write about. Magulo ba? Ako nga din eh. Actually andaming pending na posts sa drafts na tingin ko mas may sense naman. But I really have to write something that suits my mood of the moment.
Anyways, I woke up earlier than my alarm clock today. Normally, I would've been pissed off. Sarap sarap matulog eh! Why?! Because of my brother throwing tantrums because mama didn't wake up and he wants to go to school. You see, dear reader, it's Adamson's foundation day and the kids (meaning my brothers) are allowed to be absent today because there'll be no class, no attendance and the whole day will be scheduled for parlor games.
Our bunso, (who would do anything just to be home-absent, to watch Spongebob Squarepants) also woke up because of Bryan who's throwing stuffs around! BUT! The parlor games are not the reason for his tears (he really cried!). Apparently, he wants to go to school to give his crush a necklace he asked me to make! I'm like... Okay! If he would've thrown tantrums because of other reasons, then I also would've wake up, really, really mad, throw something in his face and match his tears with MY major Screamfest! But I was too amused to do that today. Haha! I was laughing when I remembered that today's the day! He's so excited last night and even asked me to sleep with him so I can wake him up the next day to make sure he'll be up for school! Poor, poor Bryan with our pasaway mother. Hehe..
Seems like he's really in Puppy heaven with puppy love. He's just in grade 3! A year earlier than I was when I was at this stage. Haha. Okay you got me! But I won't ever, ever throw a screamfest about it! And he's freakin mad!
Saming magkakapatid, si Bryan lang ata ang alam kong super proud sa crush niya! haha! Nung mga panahon namin, (tae tanda ko na. ahaha) big deal talaga pag nalaman nina ma kung sinong crush mo. Tsktsk. And, Bryan's sooo proud about it. No wonder he likes to stay in school when he's supposed to go home (half-day lang sila).
Besides, moments such as this, these are the kind of stories that go to the family story book! Oh believe me! You will be humiliated for the rest of your life!! Haha. Based on experience yan ha! Ako lang ata ang may embarrasing crush moments sa story book na yun. Hehe.. Tsktsk! Now it's Bryan's turn! Bwahahaha! He'll be known as the one who cried coz he didn't get to give his crush a necklace a day before the valentines day! Haha! I will tease him forever! He won't notice it now but when he grows up, he'll be sooo embarrassed! Hahaha!
I am such a cruel ate! I know. Haha. Pero nilalambing ko lang siya. Haha. Though he'd be really pissed off. Sarap nilang asarin ni Jed to the point of making them cry sometimes. Ngayon lang sila bata eh.;p
Maiba tayo, my plans for valentines? Wala naman. I'm supposed to go out with friends but I changed my mind. I have something important to attend to. A friend is picking up a bracelet he ordered for their valentines date. (dear sis, I hope you won't read this, I don't want to spoil the surprise! Haha!)
I turned down a date, too. (Naku, hope he won't read this too. hehe.) Darn. See! I have this talent of letting other people down.=(
I don't know if his disappointment's real though. Well, okay sorry, baka nga. Baka nga totoo. Tsktsk. See how stupid the guy will be if he falls for someone as cold and insensitive as me. Pero kung masokista ka, call me. I kid you not. I do not intentionally want to hurt anyone but it seems I'm a natural. I'm the Edward of someone's Bella (yes, it's the other way round.)
I even told him I have never been out on a date on Valentines ever. Never in my entire life. Thought that would make him feel better but it's the opposite. He was like "Okay, then I'M not worth a First date.." I'm like, unfair! THE Emotional Blackmail. Sobrang I feel bad when I upset someone.
This is precisely the reason why I don't want to have a bf. I always have this sick tendency to hurt someone who really cares for me. When I upset someone, though unintentionally, I feel twice as bad as he feels! Really, really sad. =( So it's better for me to be alone.
Anyway again, I my two brothers and my sister will probably be going out on a date tomorrow. O diba? Kumusta naman. Baliktad na ngayon, ang ate na ang wala. Haha! Pressured? Nah.
All of them have their lovie dovies! Except for Jed, bless him! Haha. He'll be my little date tomorrow. Maybe I'll buy him some snacks and watch some dvd's with him.=))
And Bryan.. did I mention his crush is in Grade 5?! And he's just in grade 3!! Haha. He even showed Gay the picture. Tsktsk. Di ko tuloy nakita!
That's how we are at home so pressure magdala ng boyfriend/girlfriend. Haha. Laitan pagkatapos. But all of them are pretty open now about stuffs like these unlike before.
What more will I do tomorrow? Maybe post a valentine blog of course. Okay, okay, I don't talk about love but tomorrow I'll make an exception in keeping with the Valentine spirit.
And now I end this post with a couple of love quotes (yihee!-diba? ndi nga ko insensitive! I'm really a hopeless romantic. hehe.):

"Many people spend their entire lives searching for the meaning of life, but it has completely eluded them. They look for material goods, thrills, anything except the one thing that they are missing that is right in front of their faces … love. People waste away their lives trying to be the best at something … best athlete, best executive, best anything … but being these things just covers up the fact that we are still missing the one thing that is important to every human being … love." - Dan Karl

"First love. We've all been through it. It can really get a hold of ya. Make you do some pretty crazy things."

"Well, it seems to me that the best relationships -- the ones that last -- are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is...suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with." - The X-Files

"Men hate to cry, they rarely ever do. But, when a man cries over you, you know he loves you. Because men only cry when they lose something or are afraid of losing something that they love as much or more than themselves."
Advance Happy Heart's Day everyone!^^,

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