5 Things I will NEVER do for LOVE

Monday, February 16, 2009

Woah! Kaloka ang friendster. Pag sinabing private, ako lang talaga ang makakabasa. haha! Unlike sa multiply where you can choose the people who can see your post. Tsktsk. Pero, ayoko namang mag-post sa Multiply. Ewan. Nasimulan ko lang kasi sa Friendster. Pero blogspot naman to. Wala ako masyadong kakilala. haha.=)

Ang dami2 ko pa naman sanang ikekwento. Ahihi.Ü

Okay, I try to be all smiles today to battle my sour mood. (See how you can't really guess how I really feel) Ang sama ng gising ko ngayong umaga. Tsk.

Sigawan mo na ko para gisingin, wag mo na wag mo lang talaga bubuksan ang ilaw! Ewan ko ba. Tagal mag-adjust ng mata ko sa light. Its very disturbing. And FYI, I cannot sleep with the lights on. Kailangan pitch dark, yung wala kahit konting ilaw. Tsktsk.

Anyway, my online business is doing grrrreeeat. Thanks to for the support of my friends. Yippee!=) See how I am when I love the things I do. Talk about passion really.

Anyway, nadadala yata ako sa atmoshpere ng February-the love month coz it seems puro love ang topic ko ngayon. Hehe.. sige, lubusin na natin.

Some would do everything for love. I can't say that for me. Haha. Nope. And if my father is reading this, I better play safe in writing. Haha! Yes! My dad read the Puppy love post and called me asap, laughing. You see, he is also an avid reader of my posts.;p

Back to the topic, Things I will NEVER DO for love. (This is my post, I welcome violent reactions, not everyone will agree for sure.Ü) There are few:

1.) Be the first to declare undying love.

-Haha! the drama! nope not me. As in ever since I was young, this is never my style. Sometimes you can't even feel that you're special. And I'm not gonna tell. Okay, some are tired of playing "I'm the girl" part but I'm not. Kahit magkaron pa siya ng iba, hindi ako magsasalita.;)

2.) Be the THIRD party.

-Ke asawa pa yan (eeeeeww!) o other girlfriend, iiwas ako kung kailangang umiwas. Mas matindi ang takot at pananalig ko sa Diyos. If ever that happens, I'll stay far, far away.

3.) Have a third party

-If there is something worse than being the third party, it's having one. Its common sense. No further explanations.

4.) Change my religion

-I'm a proud Catholic. I can't change the things I believe in. For me they are firm and true. No matter what happens, I'll be loyal to my Catholicism.

5.) Enter a relationship for the wrong reasons

-Gaya sa pharma! (ermm. related pa rin diba? hehe.) To forget someone or just because... if you don't love the person, don't. Naku. Kaya kung kakabreak mo palang at wala pang 1 year, wag mo muna akong kausapin. (Hindi mo naman siguro binabasa to diba?*fingers crossed*);p

I think that's about it. You may be wondering why the *play a fool and *waiting part is not on the list. Well, uhmm.. that's because first, I'm a sucker when it comes to love and I'm a very, very, patient "wait-er". Haha.. Tanga talaga ko kaya hindi ko pwedeng lokohin ang sarili ko at isama yun sa listahan ng mga bagay na hindi ko kayang gawin.

With waiting, gosh, pagdating sa hintayan, I'm the most patient girl in the world! Woah! My mom trained me. Whenever we have to meet up somewhere she shows up an hour even 2 hours late! Grrrr! And me, I'll be cursing and be really pissed but when she shows up I still flash a big, big smile and just ask her why she's late and it'll all go away. It sucks being me sometimes, yung hindi nagagalit. Nakaka-asar. Hehe.

Anyway, I'll post another blog after this. It won't be long till my next post.

Haha! Ciao!=p

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