Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tagging karla, kylie, luz, cams and warren!(ayan para kita niyo agad. harhar.)=)

I've been tagged! Argh. For the first time. Haha! By my good friend Jamie. This post is originally from facebook but since I haven't made any decent post then here it goes.

Okay, this is how it works. Once you've been tagged you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or anything about you. At the end you choose 25 people to be tagged. But since I don't know any other friends who blog (or they don't know I'm reading their's-haha!) then I am tagging only 5 known bloggers who constantly read my posts. And its too much work. Hehe.

I've decided to make these list the list of things you may not know about me. Here goes nothing:

1-First offs, something I hate most about myself. The numero uno, I am just so good at blowing away good opportunities. Everything! Whether school stuffs, my talent/s(plural daw yan. haha.) and most of all, relationships. I don't know why just when everything starts going a-okay, I do something or feel something and boom! Whew.

2-I'm good at hiding feelings. I'm a little bit of a poker face. No! That's not it. Maybe because I have reverse facial expressions with what I really feel. I cry when angry (so they think im sad), I laugh when I'm crying inside and I smile when Im annoyed. Oh well. Siguro, by doing that I'm unconsciously thinking I'll feel better. But most of the time I don't. Only once did I meet someone who can read my eyes. So there's the tip guys: LOOK INTO MY EYES.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and so, my eyes betray me all the time. Therefore, I don't make eye contacts when I'm sad and pretending to be okay.

And sometimes, when I tell someone that I'm happy, that's because that's what I want to believe in. That I am. But I can also be telling the greatest LIE. But who cares anyway? These days, no one asks how you really feel.

2-In relation to no.1, I am so not good at sharing/opening problems to others. Not because I can handle it on my own, but because of my silly point of view na: hindi hihinto ang mundo ng iba para sayo. And this is why I write. I have my diary with me esp. at my most down moments.=)

3-And in relation to no. 2, I am an altruistic person in nature. I put others first before myself. I do whatever I can and even go out of the way to help others. But that my friends, doesn't apply to me. I don't know how to help myself most of the time.

4-I am really stubborn! Grrr. So reverse psychology definitely works for me. Haha! Tell me not to do this, I'll do it. Tell me to do that, I won't.

5-I try to go to Baclaran every Wednesday to attend the Novena. I am a devotee of our Mother of Perpetual Help. (But I don't think it has something to do with it being my alma mater. Haha)

6-I can't cook but I'm trying to learn. That's why I always kid my mom that I'll marry a chef. Hehe. (But really, I want a guy who could cook.=)) But don't try to tell me I suck at it because really, that will hurt my feelings and when I cook for someone means I love them. Heehee. I put my heart in everything I do ('cept maybe pharma, I never seem to give my heart into it.)=)

7-My cousin says that I am too independent for a girlfriend. Mahirap daw yun. Ano ba mahirap dun? Pero again, aminado ako hirap akong humingi ng tulong galing sa ibang tao.

8-Karaniwan pag may problema ako, mas lapitin ako ng aksidente cause I have this tendency to thing deeply while walking. Tapos hindi ko napapansin, ayan na ang jeep. Haha! Kaya kalaban ako ng mga drivers. Nasigawan na ata ako ng dalawang beses. Jahe! Hehe. E wala akong magawa. Ganun ako pag may problema eh.

9-Pag ayoko, no one can force me into something. Pag gusto ko, I concentrate so hard you can't even talk to me. (Coz it will piss me off greatly!)

10-My mom calls me Yella on good days but "ADRIELLE!!" (yes, all caps.) when she's mad!

11-I'm choosy when it comes to food. I don't like onions and dinuguan. (But the list is long). I remove onions in McDo's cheeseburger and even the bones in the small sardines! haha.

12-I am very detail oriented especially in writing and telling stories. I really like to be 100% understood.

13-I am pissed of being so good. (Read my Pandacan bus blog.) As in naaapakan at nabubunggo na ko, deadma parin. Minsan ako pa nagsosorry! At ako ang pinakamabagal maglakad samin kasi pinapauna ko muna yung mga dumadaan. Sometimes I wish I can be really masungit. You know, I'm screaming obscene stuffs in my mind but outside I smile and say "it's okay." Its not plastic, that's just how I am. And most of the time its okay as long as you say sorry.

14-Suuuuuuuper tagal ko mag-isip. Sometimes it takes years. Really. I think hundred times before making a decision. But once I make it, it's final (or so I think.) because I want to be a hundred percent sure if its something I really want or feel.

15-I am at my most creative mood at night. So you see, I blog at night (midnight preferably), write at night, make my designs at night etc.

16-I love the Moon. Because I'm its princess. Hehe. I love Sailormoon forever! Kidding aside, you can grab all the stars you want but the moon is MINE! It's my muse. And it calms my nerves whenever I look at it. Someday, I'd like to gaze at it with someone holding my hand.*wink*

17-I don't tell jokes coz I suck at it big time. Haha. I'm not so good with the timing thing.

18-Like Jamie, I absolutely hate talking about school. So, no further explanations and don't ask. Haha!

19-I hate it when someone sees me cry. I don't know. Haha. Ganun eh.

20-Like Jamie's number 19, I also wonder if I'll ever have a boyfriend or even get married. Well, I know, (I can hear you guys saying: "Your fault anyway") But hey, for those who say I have a heart of stone, think again. Think hundred times again. I'd give anything to have a sponge for a heart. So soft. Haha!

21-One of my biggest dreams is to climb Mount Banahaw in our province, Dolores, Quezon. Ang lapit lang di ko pa mapuntahan! I'd like to meditate there. Maybe it will give me a peace of mind.

22-I can be chatty and hyper then quiet next. Haha. Talk about low-batt.

23-Its not that I don't like to fall, (okay the secret is out!) It usually takes around 2 years before I feel that I can take risks again (and the 2nd year is almost done!)

24- I have separation anxiety when it comes to my family.=)

25-They say I have high standards. I don't. It's the other way around. I always feel like I'm no-good for anyone and that I don't deserve anyone good. Coz I'm hell of a crazy woman. Haha! But seriously. ;p

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