Senator Roxas was heckled!=)

Friday, January 09, 2009

I'm sharing. Again. I know Senator Roxas' P.I issue is so 2008 but cha-cha, while Pres. GMA is still in Malacañang, will still be a threat till 2010. I found this very hilarious post from one of my favorite blog sites, The Professional Heckler.

WARNING: If you're not that knowledgeable/informed, you won't find this one funny. But since I make it a point to be a little politically informed, it was a laugh trip reading this blog. Especially the made-up Top 10 messages of Sen. Roxas in his answering machine. So with this, read on.=)

Senator Roxas and Charter Change
Speaking before an estimated 7000 anti-Charter Change protesters who gathered at Ayala Avenue in Makati City, presidential contender and incumbent senator Mar Roxas shouted, “Putang-ina! Patayin ang Gloria Forever Cha Cha na ito!” When Lacson, Villar, Legarda, De Castro, and Gordon heard this, they told their respective aides, “I want that part uploaded into YouTube! Asap!”

Speaking before thousands in Makati City with TV cameras everywhere, Sen. Mar Roxas told the crowd, “Putang-ina! Patayin ang Gloria Forever Cha Cha na ito!” A presidential contender, Roxas thus became the first senator in Philippine history to utter “Putang ina” in public. Now you know why he is called “Mr. Palengke.”

roxas At the anti-Charter Change rally in Makati City last Friday, Sen. Mar Roxas told the crowd, “Putang-ina! Patayin ang Gloria Forever Cha Cha na ito!” When Korina Sanchez heard this, she said, “Shit! Pa’no pa ko magiging first lady n’yan?!”

During the anti-Charter Change rally in Makati City, Sen. Mar Roxas shouted “putang ina!” The use of the expletive came as a shock to Roxas’ closest aides… mainly because in private, the senator only uses words like “Imbyerna,” “Keber!,” and “Etchos!”

Briefly Noted: A day before the anti-Charter Change rally in Makati City, people were talkin’ about Charter Change. Less than a day later, everyone’s talkin’ about Mar Roxas. How’s that for publicity?

Top 10 Messages Left on Sen. Mar Roxas’ Answering Machine

10: Senator Roxas, this is Yolly Ong of Campaigns & Grey. I think you’ll need our help.

9: Mar, Si Archbishop Cruz ‘to. Amen!

8: Hello senator, Danton Remoto here. Naloka ako sa ‘yo!

7: Hi, it’s Teddy Locsin. I thought my “Fuck You” then was good. But your “Putang Ina” was awesome!

6: Mar, si Erap ‘to. Salamat sa pagmumura mo. At least, mas madaling ma-narrow down ang choices ng opposition.

5: Manuel, this is your mamita! Hijo naman, ano na lang ang iisipin ng akin mga amiga? Na ikaw ay persona mal educado? Na mal ejemplo ako bilang madre de familia? Usted debe pedir perdón! (Read: You must apologize!) Ora mismo!

4: Hello senator, Danton Remoto again. In fairness, lalaking lalaki ka that night!

3: Hon, Korina here. Ang tanga-tanga mo! ‘Di ka ba na-inform na may nakatutok na camera?

2: Mar, it’s Senator Villar. Hahahahahahahahaha! One down.

And the No. 1 message left on Sen. Mar Roxas’ answering machine…

1: ‘Tol, si Mikey ‘to. Puta’ng ina mo rin!

A bad word whispered will echo a hundred miles.
~Chinese Proverb

-told yah, it's a laugh trip!

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