On Rising from the Fall and being with good friends

Friday, January 23, 2009

Congratulations to the UST Pharmacy Glee Club for bringing home the Championship trophy in this year's Himig Tomasino 2009!! Yey! I watched it yesterday, Jan. 22, 2008. I rushed to the Med auditorium with my very good friend Christie. At kumusta naman. Sold out na ang tickets. Good thing wala ng bantay sa unahan so we just gate crashed. Haha! Yep. That's the best part of it all. It's free! Haha. We missed the first set of choirs though. I didn't get to see the performance of Engineering and College of Science.

And as expected, Christie, her boyfriend and also my good friend Warren and I were standing the whole time we watched. That's how big of an event the Himig is. Marami ng nakaupo sa stairs ng audi, pero marami pa ring nakatayo.

PGC was seventh. Man, I'm so excited to see them perform. Dati, kasama ako sa mga nasa stage and now I'm the one watching. Pero grabe talaga ang kaba ko for them. Going through that before, I know how it feels. Sobrang daming dasal din ang kailangan.
This year's theme was Broadway. You guys should've seen the wonderful costumes. Bonggang-bongga talaga.=)

Anyway, then it was time. As usual, the audi was quiet because Pharma is one of the best (well, for me, the best! haha) kaya dapat pakinggan. Lol. They performed the coice piece first. Rondo Lapponico.

I was like, "Ohmigosh! Galing!". Project talaga ang boses. But well, it's the choice piece tingnan natin sa contest piece (which is to be sung by all the chorales).

Then the next part. Winner talaga ang dynamics ni Kuya Enteng! Proud to say that our conductor is part of the Ryan Cayabyab Singers. He's been our conductor for more than 10 years and our alumni as well.

May I add, ang galing at ang linis ng diction, malinaw na maririnig ang words unlike in other choirs. Ang linis din ng transition. Good job with the breathing technique. Walang putol. Yung mga part na lalakas tapos biglang hihina, hindi masakit sa tenga. Galing talga! Gave me goosebumps! Bawat voice ang galing sa mga part nila, sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. In fairness talaga sa tenors! Haha.

After hearing their performance, even though I didn't get to watch Eng'g and Science, I felt (haha! oo inangkin ko na agad!) that you'd win hands down. Magaling lahat ng choirs of course but the blending and harmony, walang tatalo sa PGC. And all the alumni were there to support.

When the Best Interpretation Award went to PGC, I said agad na "Lord, kukunin ko na ha? Amin na to!" Haha! Syempre, Best interpretation yun! Best conductor of course went to our fab, Kuya Enteng. Natural, conductor ang nagmamagic ng dynamics ng kanta. 2nd runner up was A.B. Choral and 1st went to the College of Science. When, they announced that PGC won, the rest of the former PGC members including me ran to the stage and hugged them one by one! Haha! Family. Gaya ng ritual, we all formed a big circle, hands together and prayed (well, sang) the Prayer of St. Francis. Heartfelt talaga. Almost everyone was crying. Well, I cried a bit before the announcement was made. Haha!

Hay. After last year's loss (we didn't even place), I knew that we would be back with vengeance this year. I'm so proud of them.=) Imagine, 2006, champions 2007, walang place and now champs again. Last year's loss was truly a humbling experience. I remember how it felt. (Worse than breaking your heart over someone-well, for me. Haha!)

Until now I can't get over the win. Anyways, I want to share the vids of the choir.

UST Pharmacy Glee Club with the Contest piece, Broadway con Brio.

them again singing their choice piece, Rondo Lapponico.

After the show, Christie, Warren and I went to Yellow Cab-Lacson to eat and catch up. I had fun talking with the two lovebirds. The good thing about them is that you won't be out of place when you're with them. We talked about lots of things. At sila ang gusto kong kausap pag kailangan ko ng matinong payo at usapan. Again, they heard me whine about my life, and hey! they didn't complain (that's why I love them. haha.) I know they're always behind me and will not judge me whatever decision I'll make. We made plans to go out and get together with another friend next Feb. Then I thought, oh my gosh, I'll be the only one single! Haha! Anu ba yan?! But it's okay.

Hinatid muna namin si Christie sa dorm and I hugged her goodbye. Sabay kami ni Warren umuwi, hinatid muna niya ko (nag-taxi kami). And while on the road, he told me his plans for this Valentines. Haha! Kainggit! Hahanap na nga din ako ng boyfriend. Haha.;p

I won't dish out further details, basta I'm willing to help him if needed. Haaay, things you do for love indeed. =)

All in all, I had a wonderful time. Sa uulitin.

Thanks for reading! xoxo. ;)

"A friend is one who takes me for who I am."- Henry David Thoreau

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