Friday, December 12, 2008

I am so, so, very, very, (very!) sad! I can't believe the Twilight Saga's sold out in all the bookstores I've visited. (Yes! all the 4 books!) Really! huhu. Sob. I wanna cry! Sa NBS SM manila, sold out, sa rob manila, sold out din. Sa powerbooks sa rob, sold out din. Nkareserved na lahat!

Damn. It's supposed to be a Christmas present for myself btw. Haha. Haaay. Grabe. Nakakalungkot talaga. You'll hear me whine and complain throughout this post, but hell I don't care. I am really upset.

I don't read because it's "uso". Really, I don't. Nagkataon lang na talagang maganda ang plot. And now... argh!

I've read all the Twilight e-books. E-books, take note. And still I want to read the real one. I want to own it, not just read it in the computer screen. Tsk.

Pano ba ko magbasa? You see, when I read (well, I think all of us, diba?) I travel. It's like I'm really there. With the characters. And if the author is good (oo naman, sa karamihan ng nababasa ko), they can make me feel what the character/s is feeling. Sabi ko nga, when I'm broken hearted BUT give me a good book and I'll cry my eyes (and heart) out.

Reading Twilight makes me feel like a family. Okay, it's weird and I don't even know kung may makakarelate. Hehe. I want the book because I want them to be available when I need them. (See? Weird me.) Nah! You won't get it. I don't think you can.

But if there's one (or 4!) book I just have to have, it's this. I have my list of books I want to read (plus the prices.Ü) but they're not my top priority.

Argh! Hirap pa maghanap sa net kahit 2nd hand. Who would want to sell the series anyway?! I won't if I were they.

Hay.. sana talaga maging available na siya.

Next time ko na kayo kkwentuhan about the book. Hehe.

But beware, my next post may contain some spoilers hanggang Breaking Dawn.

I love the ending by the way! Totally met my expectations.=)

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