To be a vampire or a witch?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


After all the almost sleepless nights, I'm finally done reading the Twilight ebook. I love it! Last few chapters were the best. Edward saving Bella and all. She was like a princess and he was her knight in shining erm..Volvo! Haha. Plus his family also loves her and wants her to be kept alive at all cost. Sweer. Lucky Bella. Love the story.

But still I don't think it must be compared to Harry Potter. Creativity-wise, I think J.K. Rowling wrote the story better. Like she's a Hogwarts graduate herself, or a descendant from the Potter family. She told the story in full details unlike for Meyer who didn't even tell the detailed story of how Edward saved Bella and how James was killed in the end. All I read was Bella just closed her eyes from pain, got saved by Edward (him sucking James' venom out of her system) and waking up in the hospital afterwards. She (Meyer) told the story only in Bella's point of view. Honestly I think it will be kind of biased since only Bella's side is always heard, and I want to know more about Edward! Haha. Yun yun eh. What he's thinking most of the time stuffs like that. And don't you think they fell in love a little too quick? Haha. But reading how the author described Edward, if he's not fictional, it's not really that impossible, right? Okay I'm biased with Edward. Sorry. LOL.

In all fairness to Bella, I think Edward saw (or smelled! haha) something in her that he didn't see in others in all his 90 years being alive. To him she's special and fragile, someone to be protected at all cost, to him she's different from all others. And the fact that she's not afraid of him or his family made him love her even more. She's even considering the possibility of him turning her into a vampire so they can be together forever. (Edward has too decide right away coz human bodies grow old.Ü) Oh well, I think the whole book is really about their lovestory and not of any other things. I thought she's launch a different theory and stories about vampires and their history like Anne Rice. She failed my expectations.

I think the very reason, the biggest reason people loved Twilight series so much is because it's a love story. Even though we're in the modern times, a good story about a star-crossed lovers, (with fantasy theme especially) is what people wants to read. And Twilight gave them a dose of that, of romance with just the right amount of sugar and spice.

Now, it got me thinking what will I do if I were in Bella's place, just as in love (he was her 1st love by the way.) as she is, will I choose to be a vampire instead?

Hmm. Good thing I'm not Bella. Haha. Anyway, growing up, of course I've been through a stage where had fascinations about the unknown. Yes, ghosts, fairytales, magic spells, vampires and witches.

I don't think I'll make a good vampire though. Kung vampire kaya ako, anu kayang special power ko? Edward's ability to read peoples minds, Alice's power to foresee the future or Jasper's ability to influence and feel the emotions of others. Now if I were a witch, I can probably do all of those (just like in Harry Potter! ha!) I'd rather be a witch than a vampire I think. I am not much of an active person. And besides, Bella wants to be a vampire because she wants to be with Edward forever. Now if I were to be a vampire and can live forever, I don't really know who or what I would live for. Maybe if I find my own Edward I can answer that question.

But for now, I'll be a witch. =)

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