My Christmas Wishlist.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner so I've decided to make my Christmas wishlist. I'm thinking what to put now. It's kinda hard to think of reasonable gifts. Haha! It's hard to be reasonable this time of the year when you can be happy about anything and NOT be guilty about it. Lol. Anyway, these are just wishlist. WISH. Some of the things I can only hope and pray for.=) goes, in order.

8. Hugo Boss Perfume for Women

-sadness. Paubos na yung kay ma! (I'm just borrowing-haha) and I really, really love the scent. It's so Me-sweet!=p

7. The newest book of Bob Ong

-though I don't think it's out in the bookstores. Visprint (the publisher) said that the books will be out before the year ends. (sigh.) I can't wait.

6. iPod

-same color as this one. PINK. requirement talaga yun. lol.=)

5. More clothes and accessories!

-Hey, I'm a girl! It's in the genes!=)

4. My very own laptop

-for I'll be needing this soon.

3. Chocolates

-As you all know, I'm a certified sweet tooth (got that from my dad, who is ironically, a diabetic.haha.)

2. Peace on Earth

-matigil na sana ang gulo sa India at Thailand at sana hindi na masundan. Plus good health and happiness for my family and friends...and me of course.=)

1. My own Edward Cullen! But I know it's impossible so...

1. Twilight Series (though Twilight alone is enough.)

-yeah, I know. I got the Twiligh fever. Oh man! I'm such a sucker for love stories! Besides, who wouldn't love Edward?

My christmas Wishlist =) by thorned_rose

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