Sweet Reunion =)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I was just surfing the net when a yahoo headline caught my attention. This was entitled: Lion Reunites with human friends. And I was thinking (yeah, you guessed), Is that even possible? For a Lion, a wild animal, to remember and even be friends with human?

I clicked, I watched and I was touched. It can! Love indeed can go a long, long way. How touching isn't it? Especially when Christian the Lion hugged his friends like dogs would to their masters. Ha! So cute and adorable!

Siguro nga when you shower someone or something with love, it will really come back to you. Sa animals lang kaya yun, o pati sa humans? Hmmm.. I wonder. At least animals lets you know that they do.

On normal circumstances I would've written more about the topic but that is another story.=)

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