My New Layout

Friday, November 28, 2008

I've been longing to write a decent post or better yet, tell you a one fine story but what the heck! You guys know that I meet with my muse at such a late hour or most especially when I'm having insomnia attack or if I slept in the afternoons (I can't sleep early when I nap). Anyway, I've been really busy with school. Our Dean is one of my professors, she's THE Dean and she's quite old so needless to say, she's very demanding. Argh! I've already edited our outline for the report like 4 times already! She really don't know how hard it is to find a reference about research related to our field. Sigh!

Now it's too late in the morning and my creative juices are not flowing. I really hate it when I'm like this.
Let me just tell you something about my new layout. This is what kept me busy really. Haha! I didn't know testing blog templates can take such a long time! And it's hard to find sites with decent and professionally made Blogger templates. Really. I have to find a custom made one online coz I am not that patient in editing and personalizing profiles. It takes a lot of my time. I'd rather read an e-book (I'm reading Twilight online so I won't have to buy one--hehe.)

Then I found this cute butterfly theme. I tried a dozen and ta-da! I made my choice. But I think I'll change this too when I change my mood. I'm in the mood for black these days. Next time there'll be colors. Lots.=)

Okay. I'm really sleepy now. Got to hit the sack. Ciao guys!

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