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Monday, December 01, 2008

With Edward Cullen.=)

I'm halfway reading the Twilight ebook. Yes. Ebook. So I won't have to empty my pockets trying to buy one. Haha! Kuripot! Nah! I'm still planning to buy one. I just can't wait to read it that's why I downloaded it instead. Mind you, it's very hard to look for a decent Pdf file of Meyer's book. I want to read it before I watch the movie. And I want to see why people are raving about this vampire story. Diba?! Ang daming fans from all over the world! It's like the Harry Potter phenomenon.

And clearly I can see why! The story was told in a simple way, easily understood by the readers, just like what Rowling did with Harry Potter and unlike Anne Rice's vampire stories. This one can be read by all the young one's and young once (hehe.).

Who wouldn't love Edward Cullen? Someone who's always willing to protect you (and follows you around just to make sure you're okay), fights for you and even lives for you. More than that, he is a man of his word and a gentleman indeed. At higit sa lahat, (swoon!), with the way he was described by the author, I'm pretty sure he will take your breath away!=) ahay. He's like perfection personified. But (as always!) there's a catch. One, he is a vampire and second, he's fictional ergo, not perfect. But with all those things, who cares if he's a vampire right? Haha. Oh and one more thing, he made the ordinary (or so she thinks) Bella Swan feels like she's the most beautiful woman on earth. That's one hundred points for Edward.

And I can see myself in Bella! Haha. Homebody, bookworm, clumsy, a little bit of a trouble magnet (falls from the stairs, gets trapped in an elevator, the list goes on..) and being a bit windang at may "sariling mundo." hehe. I would love it if I have my very own Edward someday. Someone who'll take my breath away. (Smiles.)

Ahay. I'm looking forward to watch the film na tuloy. Sama kayo? Haha. Tara!=)

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  1. Napanood ko yung pelikula, kinaray karay ako nung alaga kong 13 years old..kung ako lang mag isa ang manonood hindi ko pipiliing panoorin yun pero di ako nagsisi na manood.. kung hopeless romantic ka, ito ang pelikula para sayo.. noong una hindi ko gusto si Edward, hindi ako nagagwapuhan sa kanya pero bawat salita na lulamalabas sa bibig ni Edward..mapapa Oh ka lol! mangangarap ka bigla na sana katulad ni edward yung boyfriend mo :)


  2. haha. wish ko lang sana may edward cullen din ako. wow nman. gusto ko ng mapanood. thanks for the comment.=)