Cold Christmas? NOT! =)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hmm... I don't feel that Christmas is drawing near. You this hot weather and all. I think it's safe to say literally, na HINDI magiging malamig ang pasko ko. (Smiles)
It seems like everybody's in love these days. If not trying to get someone to fall in love with or trying to make themselves fall. Now there's a difference. Oh man. What is it with Christmas? Haha. But then, I can't and won't blame them. It' s none of my business anyway.
Yes, everyone is looking for someone (I think), everyone, except for me. Hindi ko alam. I really think unconsiously that I am avoiding to meet other people. My lovelife is just not a priority right now. And it's not something that can fulfill me personally as a person anyway. Haha. You know how people are, when you see or talk to each other again after sometime, what they will never fail to ask is, "How's your lovelife?" Some will get annoyed trying to answer that question over and over again but I don't. For I don't want to get in a relationship for the wrong reasons, or the wrong reasons really. And if someone is going to look my in the eye and ask if I am happy, I'll smile sincerely and answer,yes of course. I am not alone.
I am not a man-hater. What a laugh! I have my shares of crushes. Haha. Pero minsan may time na gusto mo talagang may kasama. Pero hindi ngayon ang time na yun.
Kaya ang wish ko sa pasko...

Please Lord, sana lumamig na. Ang init sa 'Pinas! =)

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