UST Pharmacy Glee Club- No importa La Distancia

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gosh I really miss singing! =( This was taken at our concert, November of last year entitled ChoralwoRx at the Philam Life Theater U.N Ave. together with U.P Medicine Choir featuring U.P Singing Doctors. It was such an honor to sing with these great choral groups. Ang gagaling nila! Ang U.P med I don't know how they manage to practice and join even out of the country choral contests with their med studies. Amazing. And the UP Singing Doctors, you'll see that what they have in common is not only the "M.D." after their last names but love for music as well.
Choral Singing is definitely harder than individual singing. Pero saka ko na lang kayo kwentuhan. Pakinggan niyo na lang.
This video gave me goosebumps first time I heard it on video. Anyways, we really prepared for this concert. It was my first any maybe my last coz I'm not part of the group anymore (alumni na lang.) But I really miss my PGC family. Miss ko na ang mala-anghel nilang mga boses. (I know. Cause sometimes I stop singing and listen for awhile.--pero during jamming lang yun! haha.)
More uploads next time.=)

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  1. true. i have no idea how med students would be able to find the time to practice.

  2. yeah. and they were great. as pharma students and some of our members wants to pursue med,too, they were our inspiration.