Trapped in the elevator for 10 minutes

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No, this is not a literary thingy. I just want to tell my story...

I was literally trapped inside the elevator. And I just have to blog this coz ito got me a little bit stressed. haha. But really that's the most stressful 5 minutes of my life. Nah! I'm exaggerating. LOL. I think I've been through something a lot more stressful than that. I am about to go down the grocery to buy a load. I pushed the Ground floor button and it stopped. At least the lights were still on and I think there was a fan above. I knew it was broken again. That darn thing! And my first reaction was: "Diyos ko, anong ginawa ko? Nagsisisi na po ako sa lahat!"

Haha! I am not kidding. That was what I was muttering the first few seconds. And NO, my life didn't flash before my eyes. Haha. I trust God and I knew he's going to take care of me. I don't want to think about how long I might be trapped there because I know it will make me panic. I really tried hard not to panic. I even checked myself if I'm breathing properly. (laughs!) I don't want to panic with that too because I don't want to be suffocated just because I am thinking that I can't know, psychological effect. The brain can really grant your wishes sometimes. hehe.

But then I prayed while knocking on the door of the elevator and shouted for help. And to my relief, someone shouted "sandali lang". I waited a few more minutes when the door opened. My saviors! Manong guard and the building engineer. It was no surprise for me to see that the elevator was stuck between 4th and 5th floor. But I remained calm. It's not like they wished me to be trapped there anyway. So there I was and I'm like: "Kuya! Pano kung mag-on yan? Pano kung dumiretso pababa habang hinihili niyo ko? Di nahati yung katawan ko?!"

Haha! But I know that I'm in good hands and I trust God. Manong guard came down and knelt and then I got out. Hay. I told the engineer to fix the damn elevator. Or wag na lang i-On. Jeesh. I just took the stairs down. I was escorted by Manong guard, I guess its a sign of courtesy (or sympathy? haha.) since he can take the other elevator. They were relieved that I'm not the masungit kind of person. Kung iba siguro, they even got scolded pa. Manong guard said I was lucky coz someone got trapped inside for like 30 minutes. Swerte pa pala ko. Lol. Yeah. I guess so. Thank God. Thank God that there lights were still on. Thank God that the fans were on and I was not suffocated and thank God I was trapped for only 10 minutes.

Let me say, 10 minutes was really like a very long time when you're trapped inside. I heard stories of people trapped inside the elevators and I think it can be horrible. But I never thought and wished it to happen to me or to anyone. And now it's like 1 hour ago but for the first time, I feel my hands and knees (going down our stairs at home) shaking. Trust my system to have a late reaction with stress!

Jeesh. Guess I already let it all out. What did I learn? Of course, the true meaning of "Grace under pressure."=)

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  1. thank God nga! i like your blog...and the other one too, ung quotes! =)