Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Aaaargh! I think I'm slowly turning nocturnal! Help! I think my brain's timezone is incorrect. What if pang U.S.A ang timezone ng utak ko? Is that possible? I haven't even been there. Lol.
Seriously, I stay up really, really late. And I think better at night. My creative juices are flowing. I really don't get it.
Siguro nasanay na rin. Hmm. I may be a night person but I don't like what it do to me. Night time (I think it's the darkness) makes me think. Think of anything. At ayoko mag-isip ng mag-isip, hindi ako makatulog.

I think of random things. Even things that make me feel depressed--senseless things that make me feel depressed. That's why I write. I blog. To let it all out of my system. Gusto ko talagang magsulat but in writing you have to think, and in thinking too much lies my problem. Nakakalungkot mag-isip. Gumagawa ang utak ng mga bagay na dapat mong problemahin kahit hindi naman dapat. Am I even making sense here? To think I really don't have any serious proplems. No family problems not even love life (ha!). Thinking will make me go crazy really. I get depressed.

Depression its feelings of intense sadness, worthlessness, pessimism and reduced emotional well-being afflicts more than 18 million Americans. And I'm not even an American! Jeesh. But the signs are me. I do feel worthless some of the time.
Nah! I don't wanna exaggerate. Maybe it's the hormones. Haha!

Maybe my serotonin and norepinephrine levels are up because I ate something. Hmm. Yep, this is me. Always looking for reasonable explanations for stuffs.

Now tell me, am I actually going crazy?

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  1. it happens. when i'm on vacation, i tend to stay up later as well. i like that the night's so quiet.

  2. yes. so serene. it really makes you think deeply.