Feminism vs. Chivalry

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I watched the last program in ch.7 today, Camera Cafe. It tackled the topic, feminism, well not in a direct kind of way.

Feminism according to Webster is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.
In short, women have their equal share of power, prestige and responsibilities.

Back then, women were not aloud to vote. They weren't even given the chance to study because they'll marry anyway, so they were taught instead how to be good wives. Women back then were just listeners and followers--wives and sex slaves.

But now, we have women presidents, businesswomen, engineer and architects. Yes, girl power! And I am proud to be a girl. We are now and always have been, equals.

Yes, back then only men are capable of "womanizing". Now women do that too, there are play girls and sometimes they too womanize (haha!). Women nowadays are guilty of cheating. Yup. Reality bites hard.

In the show the boss was complaining of offering a girl a seat in LRT and in return was shouted because she "can stand." Then someone said that girls must not be pampered...blah-blah-blah.

And then I thought, is feminism killing chivalry? Are women themselves the reason why the species of "gentle-men"--real men, becoming extinct and rare? I don't want to think so. But I think they are! (Read my blog on Pandacan minibus.) Sigh.

But still, I hope they won't be instinct. Because I confess, no matter how independent I look or how I really try to avoid asking help from other people most of the time and sure I don't like the idea of "libre" , I am still flattered when someone pulls a seat for me, opens car doors and any other doors for me and treats me like a princess. (Man! I'm really sucker for a gentleman.lol.)

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  1. it's tricky. after all, i don't think the boss deserved to be yelled at for merely offering his seat. but there's a fine line at times between chauvanism and courtesy.

  2. i think so too. I think she overreacted.