Younger Brother Dilemma!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay, I hate to bore you with my rantings. I know I ought to write something decent but Im just effin pissed of. My dear little brother (spoiled brat that he is!) wants me to do his homework (again!). My gosh! It's quite fine kaso ngayon lang niya sinabi at bukas na isusubmit! Ura-urada!

Bayad ba ko??!! I should be paid for this! Darn brothers. And he's going to college next damn year for cryin out loud! He can't even write a darn reaction paper. Or is it laziness? Okay maybe he got a little of that from me but hello! I can do my own reaction papers. And take note, this one's in Filipino pa! Can you freakin' believe it?! And how am I supposed to write a decent reaction paper if I didn't even watch that friggin' play?! Jeesh! Good thing may biography sa net. Darn.

Next time I'll ask for a pay tlga! I deserve it!

--Okay. (Inhaling, exhaling.) I think Im okay now. I let it all out. You see, it's just that when I write, I want to take time. I want to make sure that I'm into it. And I need all the information I need to have. Tapos ganun. Ura-urada. Grrr. At ayokong magsulat ng bagay na di pinagbubuhusan ng konsentrasyon.

Little Brothers. Tsk. Sometimes they're MORONS.

And unfortunately, I have 4 younger one's to deal with. Oh god HELP!

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  1. but i guess he has a loving, cute sister...!!

  2. jeesh thanks for that comment.but still.. he's a creep sometimes.=)